Scheana Marie Explains Her “Bridezilla” Moments; Calls Kristen Doute “Trash”

Scheana Marie Explains Her “Bridezilla” Moments; Calls Kristen Doute “Trash”

Scheana Marie had a meltdown or two at her wedding and luckily for us it was all captured by cameras. The Vanderpump Rules star admits she may have overacted a bit, but is thrilled with her wedding because of all the love – besides Kristen Doute ruining everything and treating her reception like a boxing ring!  

“I realized that there were several parts of the day and night that I looked like a super bridezilla bitch. I don’t like that I looked so completely rude and ungrateful, but it was my wedding, and every bride wants their wedding to go perfect,” Scheana describes. “At the end of the day, it didn’t matter, it was beautiful. I was there with my family, my amazing husband, all of my friends, and it ended up being a beautiful night.” 


Except for Kristen, whom Scheana dubs as completely classless! “It’s a wedding. Just don’t be a bitch at a wedding,” Scheana snaps. “I mean it’s not that hard.”  

Apparently it was! 

“Seeing the conversation with Lisa [Vanderpump] and Kristen at cocktail hour just goes to prove class and trash. Lisa holds her own, she’s very well spoken, and Kristen just got that snarky little look in her eyes–just so rude and disrespectful all of the time,” Scheana reflects.

As for fisticuffs with James Kennedy, Scheana is disgusted. “I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that not once, but twice, she punched him,” Scheana seethes in her blog. “I mean, who does that? That’s just the tackiest, classless thing I’ve ever seen done at a wedding, so kudos, Kristen.” 

As for what we can expect for the rest of the season, Scheana reassures us, via TooFab, that we can expect more of Kristen’s classless moments! “I wasn’t realizing what a bitch Kristen was being,” Scheana says of Kritter’s toxicity. “I can’t pretend that I’m her friend anymore. I realize once I got rid of that, it’s like, ‘Whoa – I’m happy again!'” 

“The whole reason why I befriended her again is because Kristen and I have 5/6 years of history – I knew her for several years before I even met Ariana [Madix],” Scheana explains of their history. “Ariana and I got really close, really fast  and I do consider her my best friend. It was really hard balancing that.” 

Scheana adds she does not believe there is any truth to the rumors with Miami Girl, which will continue to play out in next week’s episode. “I think that Tom and Ariana have a lot of trust in their relationship, and if he says it didn’t happen, then it didn’t happen,” she states. “Any girl can go to a tabloid and sell a story. That doesn’t make it true.” 

Echoing what everyone else on the cast has said, Scheana contends, “There are a lot of details to this story that were left-out. Personally, knowing the full story, I don’t think anything happened.” 

Scheana also spoke about the persistent drama with Brandi Glanville and says Lisa is not trying to taunt Brandi by bringing her around. “I think we’re both filming a television show and it’s not my fault if we have the same call location – that’s not Lisa orchestrating it. Obviously you can’t talk about the show on the show. But, seriously Brandi – this is our job!”

“When [Brandi] started on Housewives – I had no idea she was a part of it until I ran into her that night at SUR. That was real! None of this was set-up and none of this was Lisa,” Scheana insists. “And Lisa’s not my ‘best friend’ – she’s my boss! I wish Lisa was my best friend,” she jokes. 


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