Lisa Vanderpump Has Lost Her Patience With Brandi Glanville’s “Idiotic Perception” Of Reality!


Compared to last season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills it has been diamonds and rosé for Lisa Vanderpump. The one thorn in the rose being Brandi Glanville! After attempting to move on with Brandi this season, Lisa was unfortunately, quite literally, slapped in the face, and has decided enough is enough. Reflecting on the vitriolic reunion, Lisa explains she doesn’t feel bad about cutting Brandi out of her life like a dead flower on the vine because Brandi’s version of reality is seriously and disturbingly skewed! 

“This year I felt drastically different than last. I wasn’t of the mind to digest any of the nonsense that potentially would be spewed by some,” Lisa reasons. “I felt almost a certain vindication as I knew there were some whom had done an excellent job of exposing themselves.”

“In regard to BG, I am not apologizing for my feelings of being utterly incredulous at almost everything she says, as she has, over a rather long period of time, created an idiotic perception of what she believes to be reality. She doesn’t see things clearly,” Lisa articulates. Brandi is perhaps living in some very skewed and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland… Boozdi In Blunderland?! 


“I have lost my patience, and after being the victim of her lies, I am in no mood to pussy foot around her,” Lisa states emphatically. “Do I have any issues with her personally? No. As she lay her hands on me, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and I have nothing further to say, but I have seen the venom that spouts from her, and I will defend vociferously if I have to.”

Brandi “doesn’t understand why it is offensive to go home and f— my son Max’s best school friend from when we lived in France (he and his twin brother Alex were extremely close for years), then state this young boy has a nice c–k on national television,” articulates Lisa. “But then to remark that I was jealous he didn’t want to f— me is a classic example of why I can no longer interact with her, a classless attempt to embarrass me but, in fact, has the reverse effect and ultimately embarrasses herself.” 

Lisa also expresses her sympathy for the strained relationship of Kim Richards and Kyle Richards – and warns us KimKillah is about to strike – furthermore Lisa is disgusted that Brandi attempted to interfere with a relationship between two sisters to satisfy her own personal vendettas. 

“I have no idea how Kim and Kyle must’ve felt opposite each other after not seeing or speaking for many months. The two of them, at times, have appeared as close as any siblings I have known, and then this confrontation in such a public forum has to be somewhat overwhelming,” Lisa reflects.

Kim, as we have attested to this season, has the potential of being pretty venomous, and I wouldn’t relish being on the receiving end of that,” acknowledges Lisa. “It was a demanding day, and I am as intrigued as you to see this come to fruition.”

Lisa also takes issue with Yolanda Foster‘s persistence that everyone have empathy for Brandi when she has no empathy or respect for anyone else. YES!!!!! 

Brandi “doesn’t comprehend the issue I have with the fact that as she cosies up to Kim, she has this urge to demean Kyle in the process, and for Yolanda to continually defend her, I find exasperating,” states Lisa. “I knew Yolanda had little stamina and wasn’t wanting to press her, but the situation certainly begged the question as to why BG is held to a different standard.”

Lisa a longtime and close friend of Bella and Gigi’s father Mohamed had her own frustrations over Brandi’s comments about Bella. “I feel protective of Bella and was incensed that BG would liken an unfortunate incident to her own drinking situation, and yes there is one. That is why when BG says she didn’t have one, if that is what she chooses to believe, well then I have to enlighten her that unfortunately the ramifications of her indulging are US dealing with her verbal aggression or uncalled for physicality.” 

Lisa warns that despite Brandi claiming vindication, that seems to be another instance of her fabricated reality. “You never have to worry too much. If you are of good character, all will become evident in the end,” warns Lisa in her blog. “So as we wrap this up, no I didn’t have an affair with my trainer (I don’t have one), I didn’t want to sleep with my son’s best friend, and I will watch my back.” 

I think many will be watching your back for as well Lisa


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