Brandi Glanville Talks RHOBH Reunion; Calls Kyle Richards “Slow And Not Smart”

Brandi Glanville

In case there’s any confusion… the seven-foot-tall Cabbage Patch doll (special edition – pull the string on her back and she will call you a c-nt or tell you to f–k off) at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was Brandi Glanville.

Yes, despite her initial poor friendless me reservations, Brandi showed up with her usual bag of tricks – profanity and deflection. And good times were had by nobody. Err, except maybe Kim Richards, but I’m fairly certain she thought she was still filming Revenge.

In her blog, Brandi shared that she felt stressed during the reunion. “I did not want to be there. I knew certain people would be in attack mode, and they were. I saw it during the entire season, so why would it be different at the reunion?”


About the “misunderstanding” surrounding her throwing Bella Hadid‘s mistake in Yolanda Foster‘s face to take the heat off herself, Brandi explained, “When I spoke of a Housewife’s daughter, I was trying to make an analogy. I had seen a few unfair and untrue HW blogs take false potshots at the young lady in question, the same type of untrue potshots that are thrown at me. I was trying to say, ‘When a stranger tries to label someone something ugly, even if the allegation isn’t true, it can still sting, annoy, and cause a defensive reaction.’ It’s hard to hear unfair lies about yourself or someone you love.”

Brandi continued, “My example was misunderstood, because I wasn’t clear and chose the wrong words. Yolanda speaks several languages. My Cali girl speak isn’t always one of them. Anyway, it’s my fault I didn’t explain myself better.”

Brandi went on to say that she feels Lisa Vanderpump went out of her way to twist her words about Bella to grind an ax. As for Kyle Richards‘ involvement? “Kyle can’t follow most conversations,” said Brandi, “so it’s a case of her simply piggybacking Lisa V or anyone attacking others.”

Kyle did backstab Lisa V and Ken Todd last year. She ABSOLUTELY told me Lisa V had an affair and had filed a bankruptcy. I was simply used to deliver the message… on TV. My fault. I was manipulated and let myself be used,” whined Brandi. “I have to take complete responsibility for that. I lived and learned.”

Brandi questioned the validity of Lisa and Kyle‘s friendship. She basically said Kyle isn’t smart enough to be Lisa’s friend… and Brandi, who can’t argue a point without resorting to childish retorts or vulgar insults, thinks SHE is? HAHA! Her issues with Kyle this season reek of jealousy.

“What’s odd is that Lisa V and Kyle obviously do not like each other and have nothing in common,” stated Brandi. “Lisa V is quick and smart. Kyle is slow and not smart. They use each other, backstab each other, and mock each other every chance they get. However, they do like to get together and pretend to be ‘classy’ ladies, boast about money, and plot together. Actually, Lisa V and Kyle may be perfect for each other. Enough said there.”

Brandi said Kim was “great, strong, on point, and funny” during the reunion.

She also thanked Andy Cohen for defending her, adding, “I didn’t understand his analogy about horseplay, or maybe puppy play, at the time. But, the intent is more important than the delivery, right?  I’ve been trying to get that point across for years. But SOME people like to focus on a misunderstood or misstated word or phrase, rather than the intent. I won’t be one of them.”

“As anyone could see, I was anxious, and it was only a matter of time before I was reactionary,” concluded Brandi. “I tried very, very hard not to be. You have no idea how difficult it is to have people screaming at you from two sides and to remain calm. In similar situations, you can walk away. I don’t have that option on RHOBH. If you know me, you know I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, so it is what it is. Stress me out past my comfort zone, F- bombs fly. Luckily, the rest of my life doesn’t involve screaming and verbal attacks.”


Photo Credit: Bravo