The Feds Want Bravo And Real Housewives Of Atlanta Producers To Cough Up Apollo Nida’s Money?

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While Apollo Nida currently bides his time in prison, when he gets out he’ll be on the hook for a whopping $1.9 million in federal restitution. While Apollo was being investigated and before he went to prison Feds were on the lookout for Apollo’s money – which did not come from his wife Phaedra Parks but by Bravo Media and True Entertainment! 

According to court documents the Feds believed Real Housewives Of Atlanta producers and Bravo Media were holding assets for Apollo and not releasing the monies because they would automatically be confiscated by the Feds. 


The Feds were attempting to seize all of Apollo’s assets – including that income but they weren’t able to get their hands on his RHOA earnings! In retaliation the government recently served Bravo Media with a subpoena to turn over ALL funds they have retained for Apollo, and they also went after True Entertainment for funds as well!

RHOA will be undergoing a lot of changes for season 8 – infamous Executive Producer Carlos King announced he’s leaving the show; a so-called mutual decision between Bravo execs and Carlos as they attempt to move the show in a different direction to recapture audiences, but also because there was a lot of behind-the-scenes drama about how things were being run. Was this action from the Feds part of that trouble?

JasmineBrand reveals the Feds alerted True Entertainment they were believed to be in possession of “funds of property” owed to Apollo and, if so, that money rightfully belongs to the Federal government and the entities which Apollo defrauded as part of his racketeering and money laundering fraud scheme. Among those creditors: $828k to JP Morgan Chase, $127k to the IRS, $24k to Delta Airlines, $15k to the State of California and others. Along with court costs and other restitution. 

On February 24th True Entertainment filed documents responding to the the subpoena claiming House Husbands are not paid for their appearances on RHOA. Then in March the Feds filed new documents demanding Bravo Media hand over the money they have on retainer for Apollo’s role in RHOA because they believe it wasn’t True Entertainment wasn’t the company actually writing Apollo’s checks and his paychecks were coming directly from Bravo!

It’s widely known that House Husbands reportedly don’t get paid for their appearances.  Even though it was speculated that Apollo only featured so prevalently in this last season because he was trying to earn money, but obviously we can’t be sure. Separating her financial assets from Apollo’s is the ultimate reason Phaedra will go through with the divorce, but she is remaining mum while the legalities are worked out. 

Bravo filed a rebuttal subpoena claiming Apollo wasn’t owed money and therefore they have no money to turn over to the government on his behalf. The Feds have, for now, terminated the subpoena against Bravo. Well who knows where this will go, but unfortunately for Apollo that means none of his restitution will be lowered while he is incarcerated. 

You can see the court docs at Jasmine Brand


 [Photo Credit: Bravo]