Caroline Manzo Defends Her Very Close Relationship With Her Kids: “I’m Proud Of It”

Caroline Manzo on Watch What Happens Live

Caroline Manzo and Ricki Lake were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight. The Manzo’d with Children star dished on everything from Teresa Giudice to Lauren and Vito’s wedding to Donald Trump.

Andy said the number one question he got for Caroline was… would she ever return to Real Housewives of New Jersey? She said, “No.” Caroline said to Andy, “We’ve had this conversation. You’re better to answer that question than me.” Andy joked, “You always add a lot of zeros to it [the pay she’d accept].”


About her reconciliation with Dina Manzo, Caroline said, “Peace still exists.” She added that Jacqueline Laurita and Dina have made up as well.

A viewer asked Caroline if she has talked to Teresa Giudice since she’s been in prison. “That would be difficult to do,” she said, “because you have to be on a special list to have correspondence with her.” Andy pointed out that Teresa probably wouldn’t have approved her, to which Caroline said, “And I would not have asked.” Caroline’s not the only one not on that list.

Next, Caroline answered questions about Lauren and Vito‘s wedding.

Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia

Did Al cry? “Yes.”

Melissa Gorga said Dina attended the ceremony but not the reception. “She was at the reception.”

Who got the drunkest? “The Gorgas and Rosie did pretty good.”

Who got more emotional: Chris or Albie? “They cried like babies – both of them.”

Who will be the next to get married: Chris or Albie? “Chris.”

Was Lauren forced to have the reception at the Brownstone? “It was her choice.”

Did you get a discount at the Brownstone? “I messed around with the guy who owns the place. I do what I gotta do.”

Why did you wear white? “Because Lauren Manzo asked me to wear white.”

If Teresa wasn’t away, would she have been invited? “No. She would not have been. We were not friends.”

Via Twitter, a viewer said Caroline needs to let go of her adult children, adding, “They’re emotionally paralyzed.”

Caroline defended her close relationship with Albie, Chris, and Lauren, “Why can’t people be close with their kids? It’s just crazy. Be close with your kids. Celebrate your kids. It doesn’t mean that I’m pulling them by the apron strings. Half the time I don’t even know where they are. All I want to know is that they’re alive and they’re healthy and that’s all I care about. I am close with my kids and I am proud of it.”

A caller asked Caroline and Ricki to share their thoughts on Donald Trump. The audience booed. Caroline said, “He is interesting.”

“I am not a fan,” shared Ricki. “I am Team Rosie [O’Donnell] all the way … I’m just not that into him at all. I’m glad that Rosie is having this resurgence. I just read this Huff Post blog on her and what she’s done with philanthropy and what she does anonymously. She’s an amazing person. So I’m not Team Trump.”

Caroline added, “I don’t understand the animosity. It must go deeper than we all know. I think she handled it well.” Ricki said, “She’s a wonderful friend and a wonderful person.”


Photo Credit: Andy’s Twitter and WWHL’s Twitter

Programming Note: Watch What Happens Live returns September 8th.