UPDATED: Vicki Gunvalson Has Moved On From Brooks Ayers And Was Spotted On A Date!

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Vicki Gunvalson‘s past relationship to Brooks “Wait!Wait! Gimme Another Chance To Prove I Have Cancer” Ayers is very publicly exploding in her face, but that doesn’t mean she’s staying home and crying into a glass of wine. Vicki is single and ready to mingle! Is that wise? I feel like she needs to move into the Starting Over house for some intensive therapy (Please tell me you all remember that show?!). 

This Friday Vicki and a mystery man were spotted at The Ranch, an Anaheim, CA restaurant. In stealthy photos captured of the two it appears the Real Housewives Of Orange County star is holding hands with the man later identified as Smith Walker. That name cannot be real – it sounds like it was manufactured from a BuzzFeed Quiz about what your name would be if you were a liquor. 


Vicki and Brooks split in August, after several years of a tumultuous (re: potentially abusive) on-and-off relationship, plagued by among other things, multiple fake cancer diagnosis. Yet it’s a new dawn in the day of Gunvalson! “She’s moving on and incredibly happy,” says a source close to Vicki. 

Vicki said she is enjoying being single as she rebuilds her life and relationships post-Brooks, but she definitely appears to be enjoying the company of this Mr. Smith in the interim. 

A source close to Vicki confirmed it was indeed a date, but “nothing serious.” 

This Smith Walker is a longtime friend from Texas who Vicki has known for about four-years. Hmmm… is this history repeating itself, or is Smith just a nice guy who was waiting in the wings for Vicki to wise-up to how scandalous Brooks was? I just DO. NOT. trust Vicki’s judgement! Briana can you comment? Meghan – have you investigated yet? 

Witnesses present at The Ranch told ET that Vicki and Smith were on a double-date with another couple and were observed two-stepping on the dance floor. “She looked really happy with this guy! He was by her side the whole time they were there.”

The other couple was apparently comprised of Jeana Keough, Vicki’s new BFF

VIcki Gunvalson reconnects with Jeana KeoughJeana it was so fun country dancing with you Friday night. We will have to do it again soon. #singleladies, #countrymusic, #weneedtotakelessons,” shared Vicki. [Photo Credit: Instagram]

Vicki claims she is currently not in contact with Brooks and admitted to being duped by him during the Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion. Brooks continues his attempts to unsuccessfully prove he has cancer and insists Vicki now believes him. 

Whatever is going on I hope 3 things: 1) Vicki does not rush into this relationship because she’s lonely – remember last time she got a Brooks, when she should have rescued a cat. 2) Vicki warns this man in advance that if he has ANY skeletons, out them immediately or go into witness protection to hide from Shannon and Meghan. They’re probably already paying $9.99 to run a Google background check. 3) I hope Vicki finds someone who makes her happy, but treats her well. And mostly I hope she learns that happiness starts within. 

You can see photos of Vicki and Smith on their date over at ET. 

UPDATE:  Vicki’s rep shared a statement from Smith about the speculation of dating. 

“Contrary to media reports that are circulating, Vicki Gunvalson and I are not in a relationship.  I met Vicki 5 years ago during the taping of Season 5, while she was married to Donn.  I found myself in town visiting my son this past weekend and decided to see if Vicki was doing ok after having a hard year.  Along with another couple, Vicki and I went out dancing.  It’s been one double date and that’s it.”   – Smith Walker

Her rep added, “Vicki is currently very happy and focusing on her family and business.” 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]