Jeana Keough Defends Vicki Gunvalson Against “Mean Girls” Of RHOC! Vicki Feuds With Meghan On Twitter!

Reality TV stars Jeana and Vicki

Real Housewives Of Orange County may be over, but the fighting over whether or not Vicki Guvnalson lied sure isn’t! 

Tonight begins the reputedly epic reunion where Vicki is confronted with details about her relationship to Brooks Ayers and what she knows about his cancer. Andy Cohen described it as a “very adult” reunion, explaining that although there was drama and arguing, there were no tantrums and screaming. Despite, obviously, nothing was resolved between Vicki and the other ladies.

Recently Vicki turned to former co-star and long-time neighbor Jeana Keough for support! And even that was not without drama… 


Vicki Gunvalson and Jeana Keough Reconnect

“Surrounding myself with the original HW that actually is not evil. #friends, #wantthebestforeachother, #family, #workingwomen, #bothsinglenow,” posted Vicki. [Credit: Instagram]

Meghan, who seriously – does she have anything going on in her life? – immediately tweeted to Jeana that Vicki wasn’t her friend. “You told me (and all HWs) you thought @JeanaKeough was disgusting and refused to film w her after your mom died.” Meghan claimed to have proof of this yet hasn’t produced it yet – and it seems she deleted her tweet. 

Vicki, obviously tired of Meghan’s stalking, shot back telling Meghan to “Mind your own business.” According to Meghan, Vicki blocked her on twitter, then unblocked her. 


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History indeed, because Jeana took Vicki’s side to defend her against Tamra and Meghan! Anyone who tells Meghan and Tamra to go away is alright by me… 

“The mean girls of the OC omg Tamra Judge please no more lies! Leave poor Vicki alone. Karma is a dangerous thing to mess with,” Jeana warned. Adding, I think @MeghanKEdmonds needs to concentrate on her own life and not Vickis. Same to Tamra. just leave her be it doesn’t concern you 2.” 


Interesting response from Jeana! Jeana has had her issues with both Vicki and Tamra in the past. Her final season of RHOC, Tamra threw wine in Jeana’s face. Vicki and Jeana have remained friends on-and-off, but it seems when it comes to old allegiances Jeana is ride or die. Or perhaps she’s hoping to return to RHOC next season… 

Last week Vicki’s appearance on WWHL caused Tamra to cut Vicki out of her life and Shannon is “freaking livid” at Vicki for lying. Vicki has been on the warpath ever since!

On twitter, Vicki accused Shannon of betraying their friendship when she refused to backdown during that fateful friendship-ruining lunch. “She knew I was having a really rough time and wouldn’t stop! Told me she would only talk on camera,” Vicki tweeted. 

In tonight’s reunion Meghan and Vicki argue over Meghan’s stepmom amazingness. Tamra reveals some extremely personal information about her family. Plus, Alexis Bellino returns to comment on Tamra’s religious conversion.

Tamra also shared that many of the revelations concerning Vicki and Brooks would be revealed in part 3, but we gotta start somewhere… 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting – make sure to join us! A preview is below. 


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