Tom Schwartz & Jax Taylor

This season of Vanderpump Rules is bringing in new blood, but it’s also settling old scores. “I think it’s a redeeming season. It’s a story of redemption for a lot of us,” declares Tom Schwartz. And surprisingly for Jax Taylor as well. 

Jax credits his latest girlfriend Brittany Cartwright for changing his ways. “I’ve obviously dated girls who are kind of difficult and very ‘Hollywood.’ This one’s just awesome. She’s a really cool girl, she’s really laid back.”

Jax and Brittany met in Vegas where she was working. “I can’t tell the story about how we met. Or where she works, that’s even better,” hints Jax. WHY? “I’ll tell you I was with another girl on that trip.” Of course. But apparently it was meant to be!


Tom 2 also makes big changes by proposing to Katie Maloney. “I finally learned to commit,” he boasts. “I’m glad to say I finally pulled the trigger.” 

“It was a huge shock to everybody because nobody really knew,” shares Tom 2. Most of all Katie. “I like torturing Katie,” he teases.

“There was so much thought, anticipation and pressure put into it. Pressure that I liked, of course,” says Tom. “I was relishing in it but there was so much happening it’ll be exciting to see it played back and to re-live it.” 

“There’s a lot of ups and downs…per usual,” agrees Jax. Downs like getting arrested in Hawaii?  “Things were going too good so I had to find a way to sabotage it,” he jokes. 

“People attack me a lot for what they see on the show but they don’t see some of the good stuff that I do. We’re all good people. Sure, there’s some backstabbing and all that, but we’re really close and everyone’s there for each other at the end of the day,” defends Jax. “We all go the extra mile for each other. We do love each other. We just see each other every single day so it’s a lot.” 

“I like to think we’re all multi-faceted, beautiful gem stones,” laughs Tom. “But we really do have more layers and depth than people see. The show doesn’t give us enough time to really show the full story.”

Unlike other reality shows, the cast of Vanderpump Rules really are friends. “There’s very little that’s forced and contrived,” swears Tom.  

Because of the cast’s close relationships – along with working at SUR, “There’s so much that goes on that people don’t see.” Which frustrates the producers! “They get really mad when we’re all hanging out and there’s no camera around,” Jax tells AOL. “We were friends before this and we’re not a casted show so we just continue with our lives even when the cameras aren’t there. So they get really upset when something happens and they’re not there.”

“It’s nonstop even on our days off the crew will say we need to keep filming,” adds Tom 2

“You can throw a camera into the mix but we’re just being us and we’re not going to change what we do,” insists Jax, who says his favorite moments are the ones that showcase his camaraderie – or bromance – with the Toms.

The “authentic” friendships are one thing separates the cast of Vanderpump Rules from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. “The things they argue about are so much worse than us. The things they complain and b**** about are just ridiculous,” says Jax. “I honestly feel bad for the husbands. They’re basically just props in these shows.

Filming with them, well, Jax’s describes it as “awful.” Adds Tom, “I like Kyle and Lisa and I don’t know the rest.” Jax concedes that Kyle is a “sweet lady.” Jax also insists he gets away with so much from Lisa Vanderpump because he doesn’t “buy into her s*** . But I can get away with it.” Tom, on the other hand, “is terrified of her.” 

Reminiscing on some of the less positive experiences on the show, Tom 2 considers the moment Tom 1 punched Jax in season 2 the craziest moment from the show. “Tom’s a very cool, composed guy. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll get p***** and livid, but not physical,” explains Tom 2. “It was a culmination of so many feelings. It had to happen, though. They needed that release.”


“There are so many things I’ve done on the show that I’m not proud of,” acknowledges Jax. “That was probably the worst because it’s so out of Tom’s character to do that.” Jax blames Kristen Doute for “getting Tom all riled up” leading to the punch. 

As for what’s next, both Tom and Jax are uncertain. Hence working at SUR. 

“I’m at a fork in the road where I’m not sure which direction I want to go in,” says Tom. “I’m still trying to find my thing. I’m a little confused at the moment. But I have to get my a** in gear because this obviously isn’t going to last forever.”

Jax jokes, “I don’t even know what it is, but I’m going to launch it. Everyone’s launching s*** on reality TV!” But joking aside, “This show has changed all of our outlooks on a lot of things.” 


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