NeNe Leakes on Broadway

NeNe Leakes stopped by New York Live yesterday to promote her upcoming stint on Broadway, and while she was there, she took the time to make sure no one dares to forget that the Real Housewives of Atlanta is NeNe Leakes.

“I love Broadway,” gushed NeNe. “This time last year, I was on Cinderella, and now I’m on Chicago as Mama Morton. I have two songs. I’m doing a solo and a duet, so I am trying to stay well. I love Broadway. The schedule is tough – it’s a very tough schedule – but I love it.”

NeNe went on to say that Broadway wanted more NeNe than NeNe was willing to give them. Because, you know, it wouldn’t be fair to deprive everyone else who wants a piece of NeNe for more than four weeks at a time. “Originally they wanted me to do it until January,” she claimed. “I couldn’t do it. When you do Broadway, you really can’t do anything else. You have to clean your schedule, and the moment that you clean your schedule, that is when everybody calls.”


Huh. I guess “everybody” wasn’t calling when NeNe needed to crash the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast trip in Jamaica to get a little attention. About that, she admitted not everyone was happy to see her, and she shared her thoughts on Kim Fields‘ addition to the cast.

“You’ll have to wait and tune in to see how they received me, but I would have to say that everyone didn’t receive me well. I enjoyed meeting Kim Fields. She’s an actress as well, so we had that connection, and I think she is a very nice lady, however, I thought she was an odd fit.”

When asked about Kenya Moore saying Real Housewives of Atlanta has a “new queen ruler now” and doesn’t need NeNe Leakes, the ever-so-humble NeNe said, “Well <fake laugh> that is so cute. Isn’t that something cute to say? You know, one can tell when there’s always been someone thirsting to be in the same spot that you’ve been in when you’ve worked with them. But I must say, I don’t think anyone thinks of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and says, ‘You know, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya,’ I think that’s not what they say. They say, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes.’ I believe everybody associates Real Housewives with NeNe Leakes. I mean, be for real.”

The hosts of New York Live gushed over NeNe‘s career beyond Bravo. “That’s why I have so many haters, honey,” she snarked. “And that’s why there’s so many thirsty girls that come on this platform and they want to emulate what I’ve done. They can’t. What they have to do is, stay in their lane and do what works for them.”

NeNe added, “I feel like the reason why I have been able to parlay this platform into many other opportunities is because I feel personally, that viewers can relate to me. I feel like I’m relatable. I’ve always just been me. I don’t perform for the cameras. I perform on stage on Broadway. When I do reality, I do NeNe. This is who I am. If I’m having an argument with you, it’s a real argument, I’m not pretending to have one with you.”

I believe her. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that the NeNe we see is the real NeNe. Unfortunately, for me, she’s neither likable nor entertaining, so I hope her phone rings as much as she claims it does if it means she stays gone. #UnpopularOpinionAlert #SorryNotSorry


Photo Credit: D Dipasupil/Getty Images

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