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Kristen Doute will, yet again, be at the center of another dramatic season of Vanderpump Rules  – and once again Kristen will find herself at the center of a cheating scandal! As we know, her now ex-boyfriend James Kennedy hooked up with one of Scheana Marie‘s friends. Although James confessed to Kristen that he made out with the other girl, we know that much MUCH more went on! When Kristen finds out the truth, she and James of the Baby Beamer Selfies are no more! 

Kristen is relieved that she’s no longer with her “not awesome ex-boyfriend” James, whom she is “extremely embarrassed” to have ever dated. 


The final breakup between Kristen and James happens in the next couple weeks, and she is over him completely. “It only gets better from here,” Kristen promises Christy Reports

Kristen cringed with all of us as we witnessed James lying his skinny, nonexistent ass off about cheating. But Kristen, who insists she’s “grown up a little bit,” has a mature perspective now. “Honestly I felt sorry for him!” she says. 

“I know what it’s like first hand to kind of make a jerk out of yourself on national television, and in real life, and make these bad decisions and horrible mistakes and lie and treat people unkindly,” Kristen acknowledges. “It’s something I really tried to teach him along the way, as my boyfriend, as one my best friends, as the new cast member. And clearly he didn’t listen to anything I said, so karma!” Perhaps because actions speak louder than words…  

After breaking up with James, Kristen spent the summer being single

“It was the first time I was ever single in my entire life,” Kristen admits. So what did Kristen do without a dysfunctional relationship to obsess over? “Really focusing on her career me, and rekindling old friendships and trying to bring the group back together.” 

Katie [Maloney] and I are good,” Kristen happily reports. “It’s a journey… because it definitely didn’t happen overnight. It took a while; long time.” 

Kristen was even present for Tom 2‘s proposal to Katie, which Kristen describes as “very Schwartz; very creative.” She laughs, crazily, “I better end up in their wedding – I’m the one who introduced the two of them. She owes it to me.”  

Kristen Doute's new boyfriend?I’m pretty sure this is Kristen’s new man… [Photo Credit: Instagram]

As for Kristen’s relationship status, she’s not confirming whether or not she’s single. “You’ll have to wait and see,” she hints. I’ve heard rumors she’s dating her trainer? James is currently dating Lala Kent

Kristen’s friend Rachel O’Brien, who will be appearing on several episodes this season and ranks as one of Jax Taylor‘s numerous exes, calls his new girlfriend Brittany Cartwright “adorable” and has high hopes for their coupledom. “She’s really great. I think she’s good for him.” 

A video is below!


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