kristen doute + tom schwartz and katie maloney

Kristen Doute is finally an independent woman… and she has the solo apartment to prove it! No, she hasn’t broken up with James Kennedy, but Kristen says that at the tender young age of 32 she is finally living in her own place. MILESTONES! And in other Vanderpump Rules news, Katie Maloney is tired of being independent and is hoping and praying and wishing and hoping and fervently believing Tom Schwartz will propose… soon!

While refusing to accept that she’d never be living with Tom Sandoval again Kristen confesses to couch-surfing and temporarily shacking up in her 22-year-old boyfriend’s studio apartment for months until finally scoring her own digs this fall. 

“It was overwhelming moving in by myself, but also so liberating,” Kristen gushes. “It was a blank canvas in more ways than one. Not only did I get to decorate my space however I wanted, it was also a chance to start over with new memories and new, positive energy.”


Kristen scoured flea markets to put together an Etsy-style look for her first solo pad, and admits she’s thrilled she doesn’t have to clean-up after anyone else – only delete their DVR recordings. “I wake up every morning with a smile on my face knowing that I no longer live in a total dump cleaning up after someone else!” she enthused to Us Weekly. *You can see photos of Kristen’s new pad on their site. 

Kristen adds that although James “stays over a lot” after six-years of sometimes sharing with Tom 1 she likes living alone. “I’m not ready to live with anyone. I think it’s important for me to really work on me. It’s proven to be healthy for our relationship.” 

Moving on, but not out, Katie is still waiting on Tom 2 to get down on bended knee with a ring not on a string, that has strings attached. I mean, after all, they’ve come sooo far after those cheating scandals! “I’m confident now that a proposal is coming. We’re in the best place that we’ve been in. We went through hell, and we decided that our relationship is important to us both,” Katie declares. “We’re committed equally to it, and I think we’re more in love than we have been.”

Meanwhile Tom 2 has gotten on tranquilizers and needs daily hypnosis to convince him he can do it – deep breaths – he can do it… 

When asked if their proposal (or wedding) will be incorporated into any upcoming seasons of Vanderpump Rules, Katie is cryptic, “We’ll see,” she tells

Katie also explained that her relationship with Stassi Schroeder hasn’t changed but she doesn’t regret cutting ties. “At the end of the day, if it’s going to be something that dumb that causes Stassi to toss out an amazing friend, then you know what? Sorry I’m not sorry.” 

As for her career, “Of course!” Katie would enthusiastically sign-on for season 4, but she hopes there are some changes to the direction of the show. “Sometimes, I wish we could show more of the personal endeavors and things outside of the show. I think it’s important because we all are people who are creative, talented, and smart and work at a restaurant to supplement our income.” But she acknowledges, “there’s not a lot of drama in it.” 

Somehow I thing the only thing Jax Taylor is creative at is lying… am I wrong? Anybody? 


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