David Foster Finally Speaks Out About Divorce From Yolanda Foster!

Reality TV Stars Yolanda Foster

While various ‘sources close to’ Yolanda Foster and soon-to-be-ex David Foster have been slinging mud about their divorce, publicly David and Yolanda have been singing each other’s praises and maintain that their split is nothing more than a beautiful love story ended too soon

In the weeks since announcing their separation Yolanda has been vocal about their amazing love, while promoting her miraculous 60% brain function improvements. Meanwhile David hasn’t uttered a note. Finally David is speaking publicly about his divorce from the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star and America’s most devoted Chronic Lyme patient


First of all David insists all the media stories circulating are false. You mean, David’s desperate famewhoring didn’t drive a wedge between them, nor does he speculate that Yolanda’s Lyme Disease is attention-seeking nonsense? 

“Over the past few weeks, a great deal of inaccurate or baseless information has been reported claiming to represent my thoughts and feelings. It is painful to watch this happen repeatedly – especially while trying to cope with the personal nature of the challenges surrounding the breakup of our loving marriage,” David remarked. 

The almost-EGOT continues, “I have always had and continue to have the utmost respect and love for Yolanda, which is why it is so frustrating to see headlines questioning her chronic debilitating illness.” Yeah  so frustrating to see the headlines that praise David’s generosity in giving Yolanda more than their prenup stipulates

Lastly, David denies that Yolanda’s Chronic Lyme Disease, which he has arduously supported her through and heavily financed – allegedly – caused their marriage to fail. David has been nothing but devoted to Yolanda’s care and recovery.

“I have been by Yolanda’s side over the past four years to the best of my ability as she battled with the complexities of her Lyme diagnosis,” David informs People. “I am incredibly proud of Yolanda’s determination and mission to find a cure, and how brave and open she has been by sharing her story in the hopes of changing the future for others.” I’m incredibly proud of how open and honest Bella has been in blaming her DUI on Lyme Disease. Aren’t you!? 

As for Yolanda, she just wants us to how IGNORANT we are for deigning to question the veracity of her Lyme diagnosis, or the multitude of treatments she has so bravely tried, offering herself up to medical science as a guinea pig to benevolently help all of US! 

Well, this is inspiring, and heartwarming, and all, but now let’s focus on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills in which Lisa Rinna finally gets real about how crazy Yolanda’s mysterious ebbing and flowing symptoms are. Yolanda’s issues couldn’t possibly be psychosomatic, could they?! Yolanda and David pretend everything is hunky-dory as they socialize with Erika and her husband in Malibu. Meanwhile Eileen Davidson and Vince are anything but happy as they argue over arguing as Vince struggles to cope with his father’s death. 

Kyle Richards has a psychological trauma of her own when 7-year-old Portia expresses an interest in acting and Kyle envisions herself becoming a pimpmomager has flashbacks of her own childhood fame. Meanwhile Lisa Vanderpump finally actualizes her dream of owning a mini pony when she surprises Ken with their new additions. But is Ken as pleased? 

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