Chrissy Teigen Shows Reality Tea A Little Love During FABLife Segment With Vanderpump Rules Stars! Plus, Katie Maloney Dishes On Wedding Dress Vision

Our favorite trio of Vanderchicks, Ariana Madix, Katie Maloney and Scheana Marie, were guests yesterday on FABLife.  The Vanderpump Rules stars were there to dish on their friendships and the realism of their show, as well as the fan obsession with Katie and Tom 2’s sex life.  We’ll get to those things in a minute.  I have to take a second to give a little mad love to co-host (and pregnant supermodel) Chrissy Teigen for giving Reality Tea a shoutout during the segment!  We tend to be everyone’s dirty little secret, so it’s kind of a big deal when we get a mention out in the real world.  #SuperThankful

Okay, back to LVP’s crew.  Chrissy confesses that her husband, John Legend, loves Pump Rules the most out of all the Bravo reality shows.  She asks them if it’s weird for them to film the show, then watch the show and then to have to hash it out again with fans and the press even after the friendships have already been mended.  Scheana admits it’s hard since so much time has passed since they filmed.  They laugh about sending each other texts during the episodes to apologize for things they said back during filming. 

How much of the show is real and how much is slightly exaggeratedAriana chimes in “I think that’s the thing about our show is that opposed to other reality shows is that ours is very real, which makes it very entertaining and very interesting to watch and VERY painful at times.” 

Chrissy asks Katie if it’s weird that people are all up in their sex life. Katie admits, “it’s very obnoxious and very uncomfortable.”

Chrissy reads them some questions from viewers.  The viewers want to know if the Jax Taylor we see on the show is real.  Scheana says, “He does have a good heart.  He does a lot of bad things but I don’t think he’s a bad person.”  Katie agrees that “he does have a lot of redeeming qualities.” 

In a rapid fire round they ask if Brittany and Jax will make it.  All three answer “yes.”

On why James Kennedy is such a d***, Scheana says, “If you find the answer, let me know.”  Ariana thinks it’s a sad upbringing.  Scheana adds that his ego has grown since being on the show.  Chrissy asks them if James being so bad makes them like Kristen Doute a little more and Ariana quickly jumps in with a firm “no!”


Katie reveals that she doesn’t have a wedding dress designer set for her upcoming nuptials to Tom Schwartz, but she does have a vision. She’s not into anything foo-foo (so no pretty princess dresses for her – and probably no crop top ensembles, either), so she’s hoping for ethereal/boho chic.  Chrissy slyly works in a hint that she wants an invite to the wedding. As a superfan, that’d be John’s dream come true.

Speaking of John and Chrissy, how perfect would they be for a reality show?  They’re having a baby, are super funny together, and have plenty of famous friends who could pop in for cameos. Plus, I bet John wouldn’t scold dinner guests for singing along when he plays at the piano.  Also, Chrissy speaks her mind and gives zero f**ks about haters.  Thick skin is a prerequisite, so she’s all set!

Check out the full video on FABLife’s site.  Our shoutout is around the 1:20 in case you’re wondering.


Photo Credit: Instagram