Vicki Gunvalson Says Shannon Beador Was Never A True Friend And Kelly Dodd Is!

Look at Vicki Gunvalson seeing the writing on the wall – or is that the karma in the 9 lemons in a bowl? When it comes to her non-friendship with Shannon Beador, Vicki understands why she wasn’t invited to the surprise birthday party/vow renewal – it’s because Shannon was only ever her friend for TV. Kind of like Kelly Dodd. Oh never mind – apparently Kelly and Vicki are like for real friends

Vicktim doesn’t “blame David one bit” for not inviting her to Shannon’s party although being left-out does make Real Housewives Of Orange County‘s perpetual victim “sad that we are in this place.”


“Given the fact [David] has turned so angry towards me, it was not appropriate for me to be there,” empathizes Vicki. 

Of course since VICKI is always the bigger person, she doesn’t harbor those same resentments. “I decided to call Shannon to wish her a happy birthday because I really want to attempt to move on from all this anger she has towards me. I am not expecting Shannon and I to ever be best friends again, but I do expect us to be cordial and kind to one another. As Tamra said ‘move on’, it’s time to move on.” Is it? Is it time to move on from Brooks, Vicki? Is it time to lose his private personal number? I think so… 

Luckily since Shannon don’t want Vicki no more, Kelly has snatched her up right quick. And for that Vicki is glad! “Kelly and I have had a really nice start to a good friendship,” triumphs Vicki. Since Shannon refuses to forgive her, Vicki recognizes she’s the type of negative person Vicki doesn’t want in her life. Cause duh – it’s never Vicki’s fault! 

“I’ve come to realize that some people will come into our lives for a reason, and some will come for a season. I’ve realized my friendship with Shannon was for a ‘season,'” says Vicki. “I wish her the best but for her not willing to move on, she was only in my life for a ‘season’ and I’m perfectly fine with it.” 

“I am a good friend, a loyal friend and for her not to see those qualities in me, I don’t need to beg her to be my friend either. I’m at the place in my life where I am FORCING myself to get out, have some laughs and most importantly to find people that don’t want to make me defensive or sad.” Or people who hold Vicki accountable… 

Vicki does praise David for planning such a “special” event for Shannon. “I wish them nothing but the best, as what they have had to endure not only privately but publicly has to be hard on both of them.” To re-everlasting love! 

Vicki’s empathy also extends to Meghan King Edmonds, who was allll by herseeeeelf. Thank goodness Kelly visited her since Jim was nowhere in sight! 

“I felt bad for Meghan on this week’s episode that Jim was not there to experience the implant of their two embryos. To me he just seems so disinterested,” observes Vicki. “I know that will change once he holds his baby, but during this process he looks so removed.”

Vicki is also proud of Kelly for being brave enough to “face Meghan after the sushi party. “I think they both handled the situation as best as possible.”

Yes, it’s so very brave to confront your friends after you’ve mortified them with your drunken, name-calling rampage. Poor Kelly. Poor Vicki. If only Shannon didn’t suck! (I think Shannon sucks too but for a different reason.) How did Tamra become my favorite person on RHOC? #SaveMeFromMyselfBravoJesus 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]