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With The Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion coming up, the OC ladies are scrambling to clean up their individual messes. They also seem to be taking one last virtual shot at their enemies before that reunion couch footage airs. Shannon Beador is no exception, writing in her blog this week about all of the “rumors” she could have spread about Kelly Dodd (but didn’t). Which means she’s not a bully, at least in her own judgy eyes!

Shannon begins with whining about production having to invite Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly to Tamra Judge’s party. Shannon claims that she and hubby David Beador “didn’t have a choice because we didn’t create the guest list. Vicki and Kelly are responsible for putting a horrible and false allegation out there about my husband. I don’t want to see or talk to either of them… understandably so.”


Reiterating that she didn’t set Kelly up with ordering drinks in Ireland, Shannon defends, “I had what I considered to be a good vacation in Ireland with Kelly. We got along just fine. I ordered drinks with no ill intent for the entire table on our final dinner because it was our last night, we only had an hour, and I wanted to end what was a very fun trip for me, with a bang! A 41 year old is quite capable of making a choice not to consume a drink that has been ordered for her. I had no idea that Kelly thought I was trying to ambush her.”

Shannon thinks Vicki was in Kelly’s ear about the supposed “setup,” which then caused Kelly to erupt on the bus ride later. “After getting annoyed at Vicki when she realized that Vicki was saying unkind things about her earlier that night, Kelly decided to share that Vicki told her David ‘beats’ me. That is a horrible allegation to throw out. She admitted to Michael [Dodd] when she came home that it was only a ‘rumor’ and it was ‘none of her business.’ Vicki knew exactly what she was doing when she gave Kelly this false information about my husband because she knew that eventually Kelly would blurt it out. Yet another example of Vicki’s manipulations.”

Kelly somehow believes that ordering someone a drink when they don’t want one justifies making a false statement about my spouse ‘beating me’??? I could have been the biggest bully of all against Kelly this season and mentioned the many rumors I have heard about her. Instead, I chose to take the high road and say nothing,” threatens Shannon.

Don’t worry, Shannon! Tamra has already spread the rumors for you about Kelly cheating on her husband with a dude named Frank all over the internet! So, you can still claim that moral high ground in the alternate universe you live in.

As for Vicki’s apology card at Tamra’s party, Shannon wants nothing to do with it. “I’m just not sure what Vicki thought would happen when writing her card. Did she think that writing a card would erase the fact that she falsely accused my husband of ‘beating the s*** out of me’??? This is typical Vicki. Trying to brush things under the rug and doing so without looking me in the eye.”

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Shannon continues, “Vicki has a history of not telling the truth; she admitted to fabrications in connection with cancer last year, and continued her untruthful pattern by making false allegations about David and Eddie [Judge]. It doesn’t stop. Vicki said numerous times that she ‘is worried about me.’ I haven’t had a serious conversation with her for over a year and a half. She knows nothing about me or what is going on in my life; she has absolutely no reason to be worried about me at all. Vicki was once again perfecting her art of deflection.”

But never mind about all of that icky Vicki stuff! Because Shannon (the blissful “newlywed,” according to Heather Dubrow) has nothing but rainbows and sunshine in her life these days! Really. For reals, guys! “I am in such a happy place with my husband and family right now, with the exception of the basketball court, my children are so much happier in our new home. It is amazing. We feel like we are on vacation every day. I am not letting the negative and vicious falsehoods from Vicki affect me and our family ever again.”

Shannon closes her blog with sentimental words about her new besties, Tamra and puppet master Heather. She gushes, “I know I have true friends in Tamra and Heather. It was touching to hear both of them defend me in this episode because we have become very close. They know how upset I have been with such a horrendous and false label on my husband.”

As for being accused of “bullying” Kelly, Shannon defends that she simply doesn’t have time for that childishness. But she could have been a bully if she’d wanted to! Mmmmkay. “It has not been a fun season. I have been accused of setting Kelly up multiple times and it has become frustrating. I barely have time to get dressed every day, let alone scheme against someone. It is so absurd. I am not a bully. If I were, I could be bullying regularly— yet I have not done it once. Thank you to all of the fans that know who I am and have supported me.”

Don’t forget: Part One of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion airs tonight, followed by the season five premiere of Vanderpump Rules.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo


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