This season Melissa Gorga attempted to shift her attention from family feuds and petty drama to building envy and making amends with Teresa Giudice. Now that she’s changed her priorities, Melissa sees former friend Jacqueline Laurita for exactly who she is.

“This season I definitely found my voice, although I’m not sure that voice was heard much at the reunion,” begins Melissa. “I think my face says it all. I look completely disgusted, and I am.”


Part One of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion was yet another trip down memories from hell lane, and although Melissa understands that she put her life out there and has to face the consequences, she wonders why some people are so focused on rehashing the past!

“Over the years, I think people have mistaken my kindness for weakness. Trust me, I’m nobody’s fool and definitely not anyone’s puppet,” declares Melissa. “I may not be the loudest voice and sometimes having self-control doesn’t help when you are on this show, but I see the bigger picture beyond RHONJ and that’s what guides me.”

“I have made my peace and take the good and the bad that comes with being on this show. It’s hard for me to sit there with the lies, yelling and fake tears that some of the ladies bring.”

All of Melissa’s fingers and Poison-sucked toes are pointing to Jacqueline. “Jacqueline is someone who needs a ridiculous amount of control. And when she doesn’t have it, she either gets crazy or runs away and then goes off the grid to plan and scheme,” describes Melissa.

She points out Jacqueline’s pattern of always befriending the new girls “to get intel,” then using that start drama. “Just look back at every conflict she’s ever had on the show,” Melissa advises.

Melissa says Jacqueline’s crazy has “always been there” but in past seasons “the Gorga/Giudice family drama overshadowed it.” Well, she always had twitter!

“All season long, Jacqueline has talked out of both sides of her mouth. What she can’t manufacture or suppress, though, are her insecurities, paranoia, and need for control,” diagnoses Dr. Melissa. “It didn’t become an issue for her until Teresa and I agreed to put the past in the past. When that happened, Jacqueline lost her sense of power, became vulnerable and started grasping at very short, almost non-existent straws. Every time I was around, her eyes were like daggers at me.”

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So is Melissa’s next reinvention gonna be taking over Siggy Flicker’s position as the resident RHONJ therapist? Has Melissa been taking night classes in diagnosing reality television star’s disorders?

“At the reunion, she kept cutting me off because she knew that I would call her on her bullsh–,” continues Melissa. “I very rarely lose my cool, and I come with facts, not lies. That scares her.”

Jacqueline’s pattern of manipulations and deceits erupted the moment she realized Melissa and Teresa cut out the “fake and disingenuous” middle woman.

Jacqueline can no longer play us against each other and the moment she realized that, she started claiming that I became the problem, that I turned on her and that I wasn’t relevant or important,” continues Melissa. “I was no longer of use to her, so she tried to find reasons to argue with me.”

The sad part is that I truly thought she was my friend and confided in her,” admits Melissa in her Bravo blog. “I now see her for who she is and I am not interested in playing her games.”

New and improved Melissa is now done investing in phony friendships. “I don’t need friends that are trying to ‘win.’ I also don’t just sit at home and talk about other people and Housewives all day – that’s Jacqueline’s thing.”

Melissa also defends Teresa confronting Jacqueline. “I didn’t agree with her approach or everything she said, but I get it and let’s be honest, Teresa has never been one to be ‘zen’ at a reunion.”

“I guess it’s true when people say, friends come and go, but family is forever,” Melissa concludes. Is Jacqueline really that crafty? Or has she become the scapegoat in Melissa and Teresa trying to brush their past under the carpet?


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