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In all honesty, pretty much nothing happened during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere episode. Sure, Lisa Vanderpump took every dig she could at Lisa Rinna, but there were no other plot lines for the most part. Aside from dissecting Dorit Kemsley‘s questionable accent, the only highlight of the episode was Erika Girardi‘s birthday party.

The episode was light and fun. I still wanted more, but at this point, I will pretty much take anything over the depressing and repetitive Season 6. Last year, Erika was the new girl, and Yolanda Foster ally who got caught up in the fray by sticking up for her good friend whenever she could. I’m happy by the prospect of a Lyme-free season. Thankfully, this season seems a lot better and Erika is looking forward to it as well.


At this point, Erika is my favorite cast member on the show. She is the only one who manages to be interesting without being a shit stirrer. At the same time, Erika is not afraid to stand up for herself or others, so I am excited to watch her put Dorit in her place, but still Erika is super nice.

With that said, Erika’s first blog of the season was just that: super nice. She really didn’t have much to say. And I feel like she just feels happy and blessed to be a part of the show. At the same time, it’s nice to see a cast member who feels grateful to be on the show instead of the others who come off as entitled.

Erika wrote, “It feels great to be back for another season. And what a season it will be – with new faces, new places, and many new memories.” That one sentence already sounds a million times better than the annoyingness that was last season. Erika also talked about how it was great to see what the other ladies were up to and how good everyone looked, which was nice.

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One sweet moment that Erika mentioned was when her husband Tom Girardi revealed her final birthday surprise, a visit from her mother, “My husband Tom flying my mom in from Atlanta was truly special. It was very unexpected. I was glad that my mom was finally able to meet all of the women, and I could not be happier than to have her here to celebrate this very special night with us.”

Thankfully, Erika did say, “This is going to be a great season, so stay tuned.” Let’s hope so.

Tonight on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika auditions dancers for her “Xxpensive” music video. Lisa Vanderpump lets Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna know exactly where they stand at Dorit Kemsley‘s birthday party.


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