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Lisa Vanderpump On The “Unnecessary” Drama Surrounding Pantygate; Says Erika Girardi Should Have Brushed It Off

In her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog this week, Lisa Vanderpump explains how The Vanderpump Dog Foundation began and shares her thoughts on the pantygate drama between Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley.

First, Lisa talks about her fight against the Dog Meat Festival and the birth of The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, “As we first entered into the pet world creating Vanderpump Pets, we became slowly enlightened of the brutalities that transpired each year against dogs in China during the summer solstice. In an effort to draw attention to it, we marched to the Chinese embassy, we sent placards around the world, the slogan Stop Yulin Forever was plastered over many t-shirts, a resolution was formed, as we managed to garner interest and support from a congressman and hopefully pass through congress a resolution that would draw attention globally and end this barbarity once and for all.”


“So this week we visited Spot Rescue,” continues Lisa. “Initially we wanted to participate in their rescue center, and so we donated personally in their hour of need to help sustain the center. After much consideration we formed The Vanderpump Dog Foundation and have since taken premises of our own, which will open shortly.”

Next, Lisa bemoans the continuation of “knickergate,” pointing out that no one whose name isn’t Erika took the situation seriously. At least not to Dorit‘s face.

Dorit felt she wanted to address the situation personally with Erika, so she lightheartedly engages in conversation with Eileen [Davidson] and Lisa [Rinna], who playfully encourage her,” notes Lisa. “I believe Eileen states that she ‘wanted to be there if she confronts Erika’ and giggled over the prospect of a fascinating conversation…yes, that was the term. So, one can safely assume that there was no discouragement that ensued from any of the women.”

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Lisa adds, “Kyle initiated the conversation during shopping with lighthearted banter between them, saying she wanted to witness the delivery of the ‘gift,’ which was obviously provocative, but for the most part it was a humorous, and albeit ridiculous, situation that was about to transpire.”

“I do not believe it was Dorit‘s intention to chasten or remonstrate Erika but instead to playfully acknowledge the faux pas. In all honesty, I was never fully aware of the depth of embarrassment that was obviously so palpable as I watched this. Even as I arrived, a little late to the game so to speak, I was jovial in my approach, jesting that Ken wanted to swap places with PK. There was much laughter in regard to snatch chat after it was brought to the forefront.”

While Lisa acknowledges Erika‘s right to handle the situation however she deems appropriate, she adds, “Erika should’ve brushed it off.” Lisa warns that, because Erika didn’t just brush it off, “This evolves into a bigger problem, and in my humble opinion, an unnecessary scenario, as Dorit [Kemsley] navigates her way through the minefield of this complicated group.”


Photo Credit: Bravo