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Kim Richards Has A Lot To Say About Lisa Rinna Forgetting What She Said About Her On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards isn’t even a Housewife on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, yet she is the only thing anyone talks about. This is the third year Lisa Rinna has used Kim for her story line, and now she has the new girl Eden Sassoon in on meddling in Kim and Kyle Richards‘s relationship especially when it comes to Kim’s sobriety. Lisa claimed that she “didn’t remember” stating that Kim was “close to death” and cried to deflect from guilt. Well, obviously Kim wasn’t too happy watching that episode and she shared her thoughts on Twitter.

What is up with Lisa Rinna? Does she not know she is on a reality TV show? Did she really think she could get away with blatantly lying about a VERY SERIOUS subject? Apparently so, because Lisa definitely came off as a pretty awful person during the last episode.


Kim started out her night by tweeting, “I will not tweet a lot tonight but @LisaVanderpump is so amazing! Strong! #OwnIt” But, once the episode got going, Kim couldn’t help tweeting along with it. The whole thing was about her and Rinna‘s lying was out of control, so I don’t see why she wouldn’t.

“I wasn’t going to tweet tonight,” shared Kim, “but this is too much!!!!!!” Preach, Kim.

Kim was happy that her sister stuck up for her. “And my sister @KyleRichards is NOT having it!! @lisarinna!!” Kim also wrote “thank you sister” with a red heart emoji. Even though Rinna is being a total horror, at least Kim and Kyle have a solid relationship these days.

Kim had no choice but to hate on Rinna. When Rinna was trying to turn the situation around by hysterically crying when she got confronted for spreading terrible rumors about Kim, Kim tweeted, “Lisa..Cries & Denies!!!!” Yeah, no one feels bad for you, Rinna, especially when the episode continually flashed back to the clip with Rinna saying Kim is “close to death.”

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I also laughed when Rinna acted like she was concerned about poor Eileen Davidson vomiting and decided to leave the party and say she wasn’t feeling well too. Kim tweeted what we were all thinking: “How convenient!! They both feel sick!!”

I had zero sympathy for Rinna after she tried to talk about her daughter modeling as one of the biggest moments in her life. It came off like she was promoting her, mid-tears, and once again trying to take away from the topic at hand. Just own it, Lisa. All of this deflection will come back to get you.

Kim wasn’t having it, either, and she tweeted, “It’s hard @lisarinna, right? You had the biggest moment with your daughter? SO DID I! We just had a beautiful baby & u spread a vicious LIE.”

Kim also tweeted, “Are you KIDDING??????” Nope. Rinna is actually acting like she doesn’t remember saying such a drastic statement about your life. She expects us all to feel bad for her and fall for those crocodile tears. Kim asked, “Does this get better or worse??” Unfortunately, I feel like it’s going to get worse before it ever gets any better. I don’t see Lisa admitting to anything let alone apologizing for her words any time soon.

Aside from the Rinna tear fest in Mexico, we also got to see Eden talking to her mom about her “concern” over Kim‘s life. God, I feel bad for the camera crew who had to stay behind to film Eden instead of going on the cast trip to Mexico. They definitely caught a rough break there.

Kim made it clear that she did not grow up with Eden and that she has no background on her life when she tweeted, “OH MY GOSH!! I have NEVER BEEN to Eden or Vidal Sassoons house!!!!”

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Eden is trying way to hard to earn her place on the show. She seems like a pretty lively person – I feel like she could just have a story line on her own, but that’s not the route she chose to take. Instead, it’s just “Kim. Kim. Kim. Kyle is an enabler. Kim. Kim. Kim.”

Kim couldn’t believe any of Rinna‘s ridiculous comments throughout the episode, from claiming to “not remember” saying what she did to trying to reignite her beef with Lisa Vanderpump by saying she loved Rinna being in trouble and that she “probably had an orgasm.” Kim tweeted, “Did @lisarinna just really say that!!?” Kim added “no @lisarinna but @LisaVanderpump is probably having one now!!!” with a crying laughter face.

Aside from reacting to Rinna‘s craziness and expressing her anger, Kim tweeted some nice words about Kyle, Vanderpump, and Erika Girardi for sticking up for her during the episode. “I was grateful for the girls @LisaVanderpump @KyleRichards @erikajayne who stand up 4 what’s right & have my back. I worked hard to get here.”

For the most part, the episode ended on a nice note for Kim, with the party on the boat, but that unfortunately included Rinna doing her lackluster Erika Jayne impression by gyrating on the table. Kim wrote, “I guess at the end of this eps. I’m glad to see everyone having fun but it is also difficult knowing what she has said & that is OK.” Yeah, apparently Rinna thought dancing on the table would distract the cast from all the shitty lies she told. That did not work. Leave the dancing to Erika.


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