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Even without being a cast member, most of this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season is focused on Kim Richards. And since Kim isn’t a Housewife, most of that drama from Eden Sassoon and Lisa Rinna ends up falling on her sister Kyle Richards. Now that Kyle has been on this show for years, it seems like she doesn’t really have a lot of drama on her own and she can just sit back and watch other people get into it like Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi. Kyle has opened up about all the craziness.

For the most part, Kyle is on this show to promote her husband’s real estate agency, build buzz for her scripted sitcom, and to comment on everyone stirring shit up. If you think about it, no one is really coming for Kyle herself. Nevertheless, she does have a lot to say about everything that’s going down in the 90210.


Kyle shared her opinions on all of the major RHOBH story lines during an appearance on Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish podcast. Although this is probably way better than actually fighting with Kim on the show, now Kyle is stuck fighting on Kim’s behalf.

Even though I was very #TeamKim watching these past few episodes, I could not help feeling vicariously awkward for Rinna when she arrived in Mexico and absolutely no one looked happy to see her. Kyle explained, “Normally with someone coming into my home, they’re my guest, I would greet them. I just wasn’t feeling it. But, I mean I really was in the pool. And I don’t love running around in a bathing suit, as I’ve made very clear. So I was like ‘No sorry, I’m in the pool.'” Yeah, but unfortunately there was a lot more to ignoring Lisa Rinna than avoiding a swimsuit scene on the show.

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Kyle explained her train of thought when Rinna showed up: “Once Lisa Vanderpump told me what Eden had said to her about Lisa Rinna, I was really struggling because I wanted to give Lisa Rinna the benefit of the doubt. But I thought that this makes sense why Eden’s you know so dramatic and invasive. I’m kind of putting two and two together and thinking ‘this is odd.'” Yeah, I would say it’s more than “odd,” but I know how Kyle tries her best to be the Switzerland of this cast and not have any animosity against her.

Kyle continued, “Obviously she’s going to be showing up here tomorrow. And I like her and this is a big mess-up of her talking like this. She’s obviously screwed up and she’s gonna know it, but I feel weird having her as my guest. I was in a weird position. Yet for me just to pretend I never knew that was impossible.” I have no idea what Rinna was expecting when she decided to stir this shit up. Does she not realize that she’s on a reality TV show? This shit talking was obviously going to catch up to her. Did she not learn anything from the last time she talked about someone else’s medical situation? Apparently not.

Unfortunately for Kyle she didn’t have a lot to go on since she didn’t get to see the footage of Rinna and Eden talking about Kim during their shopping trip until after the season wrapped. Instead she had to trust that what LVP told her that Eden said Lisa Rinna said to her was what actually happened- even writing that sentence was a mess for me, so I can’t even imagine how thrown off Kyle was in that situation.

So what did Kyle think when she finally saw that Rinna really did plant the seed for this drama? Kyle revealed, “I didn’t see any of that footage until the show aired. My first thought was ‘Oh my god. What is my sister going to think when she sees this?’  and ‘What are her children going to think?’. That’s the thing you know, you say something like that and you’re on this TV show and millions of people are watching it and that just gets people talking.”Well yeah, apparently Rinna had no idea she was on a TV show when she decided to make her entire story line about Kim Richards– again.

Poor Kim. She’s not even on this show, yet they are all using her to have something to talk about. Kyle shared, “Kim is very upset with both of them. She thinks it’s extremely irresponsible. She’s always said ‘Lisa Rinna always talks about me. Why does she always talk about me. She’s always coming after me.'” Well, she’s not wrong. Lisa Rinna does nothing on this show other than talk about Kim. She doesn’t even host any events- other than that one barbecue that turned into a Kim-bashing session thanks to Eden.

Kyle said that Kim is especially shocked that Eden talks about Kim’s sobriety given her own history. Kyle explained, “And then with Eden she’s like ‘My god. As a sober woman she knows you’re not supposed to have these judgments and say these things.’ So she’s very, very, very upset, understandably so.” That’s exactly what I don’t get about Eden. I feel like she of all people should know how to communicate with and about Kim. Instead, she seems to be charging at her and Kyle with zero sensitivity.

Even though Lisa Rinna was the one who got Eden all fired up to accuse Kyle of enabling Kim, Kyle doesn’t view that as a reason to excuse Eden’s antics. Kyle stated, “I still believe that Eden as a woman in her 40’s, she’s an adult, she didn’t have to go fly at me. You know, you have to take everything with a grain of salt and make your own assessment when you finally get to know us. Then you can have an opinion. But I think that was her mistake.” As much as the RHOBH fandom is hating on Rinna right now, Eden did take a major part in elevating this situation. They are both at fault here.

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This season basically has two story lines: Rinna and Eden making Kim and Kyle’s relationship their business and Erika vs. Dorit. So of course Kyle had something to say about the latter. I mean at the very least she must feel relieved that their feud has nothing to do with her. Kyle shared, “This season I couldn’t stop laughing when I shouldn’t be.When we were in Hong Kong , Dorit and Erika got into an argument, and Lisa Vanderpump and I started to laugh.” What was so funny about it? Kyle said, “I think we’ve been through so much on the show and have had such intense drama that what they were fighting about didn’t seem like that  big of a deal to me.” Yeah, I feel like they just don’t like each other and they  both want attention. it doesn’t seem like a huge deal when we have seen the cast members on this show deal with much bigger issues than a lack of panties.
Kyle is doing her best to make sure it’s known that she’s not picking sides in any situation that doesn’t involve her sister. I really can’t see anyone coming at Kyle once the reunion episodes air. She’s been doing a very good job of making sure she has all of the soldiers behind her.  In regard to the Dorit vs. Erika ridiculousness, Kyle made it a point to emphasize that she’s cool with both of them. Kyle said, “They’re very different: Dorit wears her heart on her sleeve. Erika is very reserved. And I like both.”
Kyle added, “I always dread when this happens. When you’re on a TV show like this, people always expect you to side with one: the cast and a lot of the time the audience too. Well, guess what, I like them both.” We get it. Kyle loves everyone…unless you come for her or her sister.
I’m just hoping that Rinna takes her own advice, “owns it,” and we can all move on to a different story line.
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