LIsa Vanderpump and Jenny McCarthy

Lisa Vanderpump Talks On-Camera Drama, Feeling Vindicated, And Adoption On The Jenny McCarthy Show

Lisa Vanderpump visited the Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM Stars this week – and Jenny was ready with a sparkly tiara for the queen! Having a bone to pick with Jenny over being labeled overly “produced,” Lisa defended that she lets it all hang out when it comes The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. But she did admit that her reality TV experience has come to help her over the years; she saves the juiciest bits for the cameras now. After all, seven seasons in the Bravo trenches has taught her a thing or two.

Lisa, who brought hubby Ken Todd – and of course, their adorable pooches – along to the studio, dished on everything from Lisa Rinna’s inability to “Own it! Own it!” to the personal journey of seeking out son Max’s biological parents this past year. But first, Lisa addressed the accusation that she’s somehow got her hand in RHOBH production. “I am probably the only Housewife that Evolution [the production company] says never says  ‘Take anything out,'” claimed Lisa. “If I was producing myself, I’d be saying, ‘Oh – can you take this out or take that out?’ I don’t.”


In the interview, Jenny countered that Lisa has become more polished and “savvy” over the years about how the Housewives game is played, though. “After 250 episodes, it’d be a shame if I wasn’t,” joked Lisa.

After listening to Jenny’s interview of Erika Jayne last week, Lisa also had a bone to pick with the XXXpen$ive singer. In her interview, Erika commented on how much Lisa had changed over the seven seasons of RHOBH, but Lisa defended, “Well that’s rich coming from someone who says she never watched the show.” Touche’.

Asked if she thinks jealousy is a factor in Lisa’s friction with some cast members, Lisa admitted yes, especially when she got her Vanderpump Rules spinoff years ago. Season six was so particularly hateful and brutal, Lisa almost didn’t come back to the franchise. She says, “I just said I can’t be beaten up again, and they were so mean last year…so I didn’t start filming until two weeks after everyone else. Dorit [Kemsley] had already started. Dorit was like, ‘No, no, no – you’re not leaving me on my own!'”

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Lisa says the producers convinced her she would have more fun this season; plus she negotiated with Bravo and Evolution to highlight her charities (including Vanderpump Dogs). But when Lisa found out that Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna had been cast again, she thought, “Oh yeah, a lot of bloody fun that’s gonna be.” It was, in the end, Dorit’s inclusion in the cast – along with long time ally Kyle Richards – that convinced Lisa to return.

So, does Lisa consider herself the reining queen of RHOBH? Donning Jenny’s tiara for the segment, Lisa explained, “You know, I never said I was the queen. Other people did.” But she’ll take it! Because no one will be next in line to snatch her throne. “I will be the last man standing,” joked Lisa. “Seven years, 250 episodes – I’m not sure I’m going anywhere. But, I really don’t know. I take every year as it comes.”

Since Rinna has been in the hot seat (a seat which she lit up herself with messy comments about Kim Richards’ sobriety), Jenny asks if Lisa finally feels vindicated. “Are you kidding me? Yes! I wasn’t having an orgasm – I was having multiple orgasms!” When Lisa saw Rinna’s statements on camera, she admits, “I was like, that’s a gift. There you go. Play it back.”

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“But then next week, she [Rinna] says, ‘Oh God! Maybe I did say it after all? Oh shoot,'” snarks Lisa, who thinks Rinna’s current behavior reflects last year’s. In particular, she hopes the viewers note how Rinna conveniently doesn’t remember information when a critical eye is cast upon her – like, say, in the endless Munchausen debacle of 2016.

On a more personal note, Lisa discusses the search for her son Max’s biological parents. When Lisa first signed on to do RHOBH, she confesses fearing that Max’s biological family would come forward (Max was 18 at the time). But when that didn’t happen – to her relief – Lisa now feels more ready to support Max. “You’re going to see how this plays out,” she says. “It’s a little bit confusing, actually.”

Never knowing how long they’ll be on this planet, Lisa didn’t want Max to be left on his own with this search after she and Ken passed away. She’s supportive of his quest, although it’s a vulnerable place to be – especially letting it unfold in front of the cameras. “I never wanted him to put our feelings first,” says Lisa, noting that she and Ken want to be there for their son, no matter what.


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