Erika Jayne and Jenny McCarthy

Erika Jayne Dishes On RHOBH Alliances, Husbands, Castmates, And More On The Jenny McCarthy Show

Erika Jayne recently visited The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM to get real about Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and delightfully threw major shade in the studio (looking at you, PK Kemsley and Kathryn Edwards). Erika has been making the rounds to premiere her newest single, XXXpen$ive, but of course, everyone wants some dirt on this season’s RHOBH. Because Lisa Rinna has lost her damn mind. And her refusal to acknowledge this has made us feel like we’re living in The Upside Down world of Stranger Things.

Erika reiterated her stance on the Rinna Ridiculousness: She encouraged Rinna to stick to the facts in Mexico, and that’s basically all she could do. Lisa, whose facts seem pretty “alternative,” has a lot of digging to do to climb out of this sh*t pile she created, but Erika hints that much more will unfold this season. So, stay tuned!


Erika, whose friendship with Kyle Richards is blossoming this season, said she digs Kyle because “she’s a showgirl.” She gets the Beverly Hills grind and, Erika thinks, also gets her. Yet Erika still appears to hold Lisa Vanderpump at arm’s length while her closeness with Rinna and Eileen Davidson seems to be growing.

Erika tells Jenny that her friendships with the ladies have nothing to do with “alliances.” In fact, she warns future cast members from forming alliances right out of the gate with any of these women. “If you’re smart enough, you come in and remain independent and hold your own court,” says Erika. “It’s not good to team up. You have to be an individual.” Hmm. Interesting advice from someone who attached herself so fiercely to Yolanda Foster last season that she was practically given her own matching bathrobe. (Sorry- it had to be said!)

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Jenny comments that LVP has become more “produced” and polished over the years, which Erika agrees with. “She’s the ultimate professional.” When Jenny wonders whether Kyle and LVP have access to footage (ie, Rinna’s lies) ahead of time due to their production ties, Erika laughs, “I’m not touching that!” Food for thought though, no?

One castmate Erika isn’t afraid to talk about with Jenny is RHOBH one-season wonder, Kathryn Edwards, who Erika basically thinks was a try-hard from the beginning.

Erika admits she’s thrilled that Kathryn is off the show, saying, “There’s a way to play the game, and I don’t think she understood it.” Citing Kathryn’s penchant for talking about the finer things in life, she snarks, “If you’re gonna say that, then you better bring that because there’s some real b*tches that have real sh*t. If you’re gonna talk that sh*t, you better deliver.”

Erika also doesn’t like the way Kathryn coyly befriended her, just to throw her immediately under the bus with LVP at lunch days later. Kathryn sat down with LVP “with a delight in her eyes,” says Erika, who believes Kathryn tried to stir the pot to become relevant. She dishes, “Can I tell you something? I’m gonna be real c*nty right now. Someone tweeted me, ‘This b*tch looks like a fan that got cast.'” Ouch!

Admitting that Kathryn’s newbie status most likely got the best of her, Erika says, “Probably looking back on it, she might have done it differently.”

Moving on to the newest RHOBH husband everyone is talking about this season, Erika gives her take on PK, Dorit Kemsley’s other cringeworthy half. Jenny admits she can’t stand PK (you are not alone, sister!).  She confesses, “My alarm bells, my red alert, my red flags are going up. This guy – I don’t believe his money. For some reason he bothers me. Why is that?”

Erika says PK “enjoys not being liked.” She posits that PK is someone who “is boldly himself. I don’t know what to say about that without being really rude.”

Admitting that PK is channeling Peter Thomas vibes as the husband who wants to be a Housewife, she says, “He tends to stick himself in possibly when I would prefer him to let his wife handle her business. And she [Dorit] does. You know, she talks. But there are moments when I would much prefer it to be an all-women thing.”

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“I don’t like it when husbands come to the rescue, and I don’t like it when husbands give their opinion. It’s says ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.’ It does not say ‘Real Husbands,'” argues Erika. “We have to do the show, not them.”

Admitting that her own husband, Tom Girardi, has come to her defense at times (in particular, last season at dinner with LVP and Kathryn), Erika argues that it was in his own home, so he gets a pass. She also got a “stern look” and a talking to after that dinner, apparently, for bringing that mess into their abode.

Some think that Erika may be the biggest threat in snatching the crown from LVP, but Erika claims she has no such intentions. She likes the ensemble nature of the cast and thinks there’s plenty of room for everyone in it. Though her persona might clash with Lisa Vanderpump’s at times, Erika is determined to ride in her own lane. Let’s just hope she does not let the likes of Eileen and Rinna derail her trip.


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