I thought Lala Kent was done with Vanderpump Rules, but not (it seems like) she is back. Whether she will back next season or not is unclear, but Lala is someone that the whole cast loves to talk about. I never thought I would see any sort of tension with Lala and James Kennedy. I assumed that had to stick together as the two outsiders of the cast, but the two have had some ups and downs.

Are they really friends? Friends of convenience? Are they just reality show costars? Lala clarified their friendship status and even opened up about that one time she hooked up with James.


Lala talked all about her relationship with James in an interview with Heather McDonald on her Juicy Scoop podcast. Heather asked Lala if there are still friends these days and LaLa said, “Yeah. I would say he’ll always be a dear friend to me.”

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Still, LaLa did say, “There are just certain things that he does where he gets into a zone and I like to make sure that my friends aren’t a liability.”

James is probably going to be mad at Lala for revealing that he is not sober these days- which is not super shocking to anyone who watches the show. Lala confirmed what we all assumed, “I know that he drinks now. I don’t know if he’s drinking every day.” She backpedaled a teeny bit, “I’m kind of in my own little world right now. I haven’t seen him recently.”

I’m so curious about the dynamic between LaLa and James’s girlfriend Raquel Leviss since Lala’s first season pretty much revolved around the possibility of hooking up with James. Lala confirms, “We did bone once. I would tell you all the details, but the only reason I knew it really happened was because there was a condom wrapper and a condom on the floor so I was like clearly something had to have happened.”

She did reveal when the deed went down though. Lala said, “We were both so drunk because it was the night that we filmed the finale where Katie [Maloney] has her engagement party. We were plastered. I don’t remember much. I know he doesn’t remember much.” Oh yeah. That was a good episode. Just in case you forget, it’s the one where Lala interrupted Kristen Doute’s speech and then drunkenly pushed her at SUR.

Heather asked Lala, “Do you think that you didn’t know that it happened because he weighs less than you?” Lala mused, “Maybe. I’m gonna go with that.” She later added,  “I thought I was cuddling a teddy bear. A very bony teddy bear.” That’s the last thing any guy wants to hear from a performance review, but it really shouldn’t matter now since James is dating Raquel.

Straying slightly from the topic of the hookup itself, but focusing on the drunkenness, Heather and Lala discussed hangover remedies and Lala revealed that she actually gets IV drips done at her apartment. She said, “I started doing the drips. I just have them come.” Heather asked how much that costs and Lala responded, “I don’t know that because my boyfriend’s the one who hooks me up with it.”

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Tonight is an all new episode of Vanderpump Rules – the season finale!! We’ll be seeing the rest of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz‘s nuptials and then next week it’s on to the reunion! “Lisa officiates the woodsy elegant ceremony that only Katie and Tom could pull off. Jax re-evaluates his relationship with Brittany, and Ariana considers taking her relationship to the next step with Sandoval. Meanwhile, Lisa offers the Toms the business opportunity of a lifetime, but Schwartz fears making two commitments in one day. Finally, Scheana reveals a dark secret about her marriage that will change the rest of her life.”

Speaking of Tom and Katie’s big day, check out more photos of their wedding in the gallery below!


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