Lala Kent

It’s so hard trying to keep track of Lala Kent’s presence on Vanderpump Rules. Is she still a part of the show? Is she done with it forever? It seems like that answer is constantly changing. Lala left the show, denounced the show, returned for the reunion, and started taking a lot of photos with Scheana Marie and Ariana Madix. Now it seems like she’s all in again, but who knows.

On a recent podcast, Lala dished on her disappearance, her reluctance to share her personal life on the show, her friendship with James Kennedy, the surprising reason why she respects and sympathizes with Stassi Schroeder, her thoughts on Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney‘s relationship, and her volunteer work with Lisa Vanderpump‘s new animal rescue Vanderpump Dogs.


Lala talked all things Vanderpump Rules on Bravo’s The Daily Dish Podcast. They jumped right into it by asking her, “Where have you been?” Lala gave the most random answer possible: “I went back to Utah and volunteered my time to helping animals” without telling anyone, answering any messages, or getting any shifts at SUR covered.

Later in the interview, Lala revealed, “I am volunteering my time at Lisa’s dog shelter called Vanderpump Dogs.” She elaborated, “It’s like a nightclub in there. It’s so chic. It takes the stigma away from shelter animals. It’s so happy in there. I love how she has all of the merchandise and every penny goes back into Vanderpump Dogs.” If there’s any way Lala can get back into Lisa’s good graces after leaving her high and dry at the restaurant it’s by volunteering to help dogs. Smart move, Lala.

Addressing her sudden exit and her reluctance to share her personal life, Lala said, “There are things in life that are just supposed to be private. I don’t care if you’ve signed up for a reality TV show or not, and that goes for every single person on that show. If there’s something that you don’t feel should be out there in the public, you don’t have to talk about it.”

As a human being, I totally get that and support her thoughts. As a viewer, it’s kind of frustrating, but then again, I am a little too into my TV shows.

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Lala opened up about what she learned when she left without giving anyone any sort of notice: “Just because you signed up for something, it doesn’t mean that you’ve given the world permission to rip your life apart. That’s when I started feeling less defensive. Instead of attacking people, I was like ‘You know what, we’re not going to talk about this’ instead of the alternative that I would usually go to which was slam some drinks, get over it, and body shame somebody. Not okay. That’s what I gained from taking a step back.”

Yeah, the body shaming is never ever an okay thing to do. Hopefully that is something that she apologizes for and never does again. I get that Katie has become a polarizing character, but body comments are unkind and unnecessary.

Lala has had a lot to say about Katie and Tom on the show, on social media, and in interviews, so I was definitely interested to hear her thoughts on their relationship now that they’ve tied the knot.

Lala admitted, “I haven’t really watched since I’ve been off of it. I’ve obviously reconnected with Ariana and Scheana, so they’ve filled me in a bit. I’ve seen a few clips of Tom and Katie’s relationship and I just really hope that they can make it work because I feel like Tom is a really amazing person and she should feel very lucky to be with him.”

I wonder if that was a solely a compliment for Tom or if that was also some shade intended for Katie. Surprisingly, Lala concluded her opinion by saying, “I do wish them the best. They seem super happy at every event that I have seen them at.”

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It’s odd that Lala is (was?) on this show and gets to talk about other people’s relationships, but says virtually nothing about her own life. I get why Lala’s boyfriend might not want to be on the show. Not everyone wants to open up their lives to reality TV, but the mystery of this relationship has evolved into such a scandal. Lala explained, “I’ll tell every single part of my life, but I’m not willing to tell parts of someone else’s life if they haven’t signed up for it.”

She added, “People who don’t want to be a part of this, I don’t want them to feel like they have to be.” And this surprisingly enough transitioned into Lala complimenting Stassi of all people. “I think it’s amazing that Stassi tried to protect [her ex boyfriend] Patrick. That’s the person she loved and ultimately that’s what’s going to be there at the end of the day. Who knows how long a TV show is going to last or how long you’re going to be in the public eye, but the person that you’re going to be with forever, that’s what matters.”

Aside from dishing about nothing related to her personal life and her co-stars, Lala did talk about what she has coming up professionally. “I just want to make sure that anything I put out is something that I’m proud of and that it’s not a joke. I do know that there’s a joke factor that kind of goes along with reality TV personalities that can go kind of bad.”

In addition to a movie that she starts filming in June and a clothing line called Slick Chick, Lala said that she has a song coming out called “Can I F-ck With You?” Cannot wait to hear that one.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo