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Lala Kent Mocks Vanderpump Rules Cast For Thinking They Are Kardashians; Is No Longer Friends With James Kennedy

A couple weeks out from her Vanderpump Rules exit, Lala Kent is reflecting on her experience and how she feels about her former co-stars. Namely that they’re egotistical bitches, and she’s relieved to no longer try and play nice with them.

Lala was a guest on the Just Sayin’ podcast, which is co-hosted by former Jersey Shore star Sammi Giancola. Lala also discussed her relationship with James Kennedy, the non-disclosure agreement, and what’s she learned from dealing with mean girls.


First of all, Lala has no regrets about bailing on Vanderpump Rules, and she has stopped watching the show. She believes the mean girls decided to make her look like the villain to take the heat off them.

“I feel like this season they tried to make it look like they were coming at me because of the way I spoke to Katie, but they were mean to me last season the second I walked into SUR,” Lala points out. “So it’s not adding up, what they’re saying. I’ve apologized a million and one times.”

“I don’t wanna be a part of their clique,” she continues. “You have to know that in L.A., yeah it’s cool to be a part of the show – whatever – but, out here, if I were really rolling around with those girls, like in real life no cameras around – it’s such a bad look.”

According to Lala, the girls are just as bitchy and arrogant in real life as they are on camera. “They think they’re Kardashians! The way that they talk and the way they act, you would think we’re the biggest reality television cast in all of history. It’s like let’s know our place here. Y’all have been on TV for going on 6 years and you can’t even break a million followers on Instagram?! [laughs]”

One of the podcast hosts (I think it was Sammi?), a huge fan of the show, chimes in that she actually met “them” (I assume she was referring to Scheana, Katie, Kristen, and Stassi) and “they were sooo mean” and “snobby.” The guys were “really nice” though (Lala jokes that it’s because they wanted to sleep with her). Lala apologizes and says, “I would not expect anything more than just complete bitchiness. They’re horrible people.”

On the infamous NDA Lala reportedly had James, Tom, and Ariana sign before attending a music festival, she insists James twisted things. “It’s weird to me that people are so shocked by this. It’s like you guys are part of a hit TV show and you don’t have one?” She claims she only has one to protect any future career she may have.

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James wasn’t even at [the music festival] with me,” Lala clarifies. “He was given a NDA because he sometimes likes to film me while I’m stoned, or whatever it may be, and I would like to know what’s being put on the internet, because we all know that he doesn’t have a filter. Tom and Ariana really did go to [music festival] with me and they were never given any agreement.”

Which brings us to the status of Lala and James‘ friendship – it’s over. She won’t explicitly answer whether or not she thinks James cheats on Raquel either.

“I’ve chosen to remove myself,” she says carefully. “James will always be James. I slowly started seeing why people don’t connect with him and why he rubs people the wrong way. But if his girlfriend wants to be one of those brainless people, then that’s her prerogative; if she wants to turn the other cheek, then you go girl. Whatever you want to believe.”

Lala’s friendship with Ariana Madix has also cooled, but there’s no hard feelings. “I don’t wanna say that we’re friends, we’re cordial to each other in group settings. I’ve been out to dinner with her, but it hasn’t been one-on-one.”

They do not discuss Lala’s current relationship allegedly with a married producer, but she does explain why she put up such walls through most of filming. “I feel like I do have to put on this like tough exterior because if you don’t people will take advantage of your vulnerable moments. I am not a mean girl. If you think I’m gonna be this girl who’s sweet and nice while you attack me, you’re out of your mind!” [ahem… Scheana!]

Lala says the scenes filmed with her mom are her “truest, realest form” and how she is away from the cameras. Her mom was disappointed by some of Lala’s comments to her cast mates, and said they were “not okay,” which made Lala rethink some of her behaviors.

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The whole experience has taught Lala a lot. “Remember that there’s a way to argue with somebody intellectually – you don’t have to go for their looks, you don’t have to tear a human being down. I’ve gone both ways,” she admits, “and I’ve found that you get the best results when you’re authentic with people but also don’t let them shove you around.”

Lala also opines, “If social media is the cause of you being bullied – f**cking get rid of it. If I didn’t have social media, I’d be so far out of that world.”

The positive of being on Vanderpump Rules is that it has brought bigger opportunities. Lala is just about to release her first professional produced EP, a dance or club track. She also exclaims, “A spinoff would be SO amazing!” (It does not seem like there’s one in the works, just something she’d be interested in doing.)

You can listen to the complete interview here.


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