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Watching Erika Girardi freak out at Eileen Davidson for no reason during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trip to Hong Kong was uncomfortable to watch. She was making something out of nothing and I just didn’t get why she would come for Eileen of all people – she is basically the president of the Erika Jayne fan club.

Even after that, Eileen bounced right back to being Erika’s cheerleader and she has no issue expressing her disappointment in PK and Dorit Kemsley for trashing Erika’s relationship with Tom Girardi.


I kind of thought that Erika would drag out Erika’s unsolicited freak-out so she could have a story line for a few episodes (like she did looking for an apology from Lisa Vanderpump over those “affair” comments), but that’s not what ended up happening.

In her Bravo blog, Eileen recalled, “Finally home, jet lagged and groggy, I met Kyle [Richards] and Erika for lunch. I knew Erika and I were going to be okay. Like I said, I feel like we get each other.” Alright, then.

Eileen continued fanning out: “I’m glad we can put that all behind us and get focused on more important things: Erika’s Y&R debut! Showing my friends the set is one thing, but actually having a friend come and shoot scenes? A wonderful experience. Especially when I saw Erika in my old dressing room! That place has so many memories for me, and now they do for her too.”

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The Erika Jayne worship didn’t stop: “Wasn’t that scene hilarious? The best part? Erika was terrific! Congrats on her first, but certainly not last, time on Young and the Restless!” Personally, I was a bigger fan of the scene where Erika called out Dorit for being from Connecticut.

Eileen went in on Dorit and PK for their crusade against Erika: “After everything that went on in Hong Kong, is it really a smart move for PK and Dorit to come back and insult Erika and Tom’s marriage? They don’t know anything about their relationship! And who are they to judge, anyhow?”

I definitely agree with all of Eileen’s sentiments here. Still, I am surprised Eileen didn’t defend her girl Lisa Rinna from PK referring to her as “schizophrenic” and “dangerous,” but I guess this was an Erika-centered blog post.

Eileen vaguely teased about the upcoming finale episode: “This party is sure going to be interesting. It is a rosé tasting, so at least I know there will be wine. Looks like we’re gonna need it!”


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