Kyle Richards Didn’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry When Erika Girardi Flipped Out At Eileen Davidson; Kim Richards & Lisa Rinna Go At It During The Reunion

If I could be anyone on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it would be Kyle Richards. She is an OG cast member. She is on good terms with everyone and is bringing in the cash with all of her side ventures. She definitely has the best thing going for her out of everyone in this cast.

Aside from defending her sister Kim Richards (again), Kyle had (another) easy season and I can’t hate on her for that. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t have too many loose ends to tie up. Luckily for us, she did share some of her opinions and insights about the show in an interview with Heather McDonald.


Heather and asked Kyle everything the fandom wants to know during a recent interview on her Juicy Scoop podcast. This wasn’t an essential part of the conversation, but I have been both entertained and annoyed by the constant plugs for Kyle’s (super hot) husband Mauricio Umansky’s real estate agency- aptly titled The Agency- this season. So I was happy when Kyle acknowledged the shameless self-promotion and even admitted, “My husband even leaves his Agency hat in the windshield of his car. It’s ridiculous.” True.

Even though Kim wasn’t even a Housewife this season, the show centered around her- as per usual. Kyle shared, “Kim was not happy about being made the center of the story line at all.” Well, yeah. I don’t blame her. She got shit on and dragged by Lisa Rinna and she didn’t even get to hold up some diamonds during the opening credits. Not fair at all. Kyle also revealed, “The reunion with her and Lisa Rinna was not good.” Of course. In another bit of reunion news, Kyle warned the viewers about the outfit she wore: “I think I made a bad choice actually after seeing pictures.”

Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump are the most legit cast members, but ironically enough, Kyle shared, “I do not have a glam squad. Lisa Vanderpump does not have a glam squad. In Hong Kong, Eden [Sassoon], Erika [Girardi], and Dorit [Kemsley] each brought one. Which we thought was so weird because we are doing a reality show, we are doing our own thing. We are getting ready on our own, it’s reality.” Then why was Eden wearing that ridiculous black wig? Why did Dorit have pink wire braided into her hair? Why was Erika wearing glorified pajamas? I don’t get how anyone was “guided” to execute these styles.

Kyle added, “I don’t have the patience to sit in a chair like that anyway. I enjoy getting ready and I get ready really fast. I would not do well with that.” Good for you, Kyle.

What did Kyle think when Erika freaked out on Eileen Davidson? “It sounds like the exorcist has taken over. Her whole voice changed and everything. It was like a completely different person. I leaned back because I did not know if I was going to start laughing or crying. I was so taken aback. I was like ‘What the hell is going on here?'”

I was the captain of #TeamErika from day one, but that scene was tough to watch. She freaked out for no reason and I was vicariously embarrassed. Kyle read my mind when she said, “Then I was feeling so bad for Eileen.” Same.

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Heather asked Kyle about her thoughts on Dorit joining the cast. Kyle stated, “I think she’s great for the show. In the beginning, the audience didn’t really know who she was and it with the nannies and this and that, but you know what I would rather see someone being honest about that all day long than someone like hiding the nannies, having them do everything, and pretending. I can’t deal with fakeness.”

I figured Kyle would go at Eden when asked, but that’s never been Kyle’s style. “Eden, I think, is a good person. She wasn’t coming from a bad place. She was just coming from the wrong direction. She was always coming after me and I was just like ‘Leave me alone. Let me get to know you for a minute.’ I mean, I felt like I was just being pummeled every time I saw her. I don’t think she’s a bad person.”

Clearly, Rinna was the true offender in this whole situation. Sure, I disagree with the way Eden handled just about everything with Kim and Kyle, but Rinna was the actual villain.

I was so happy when Heather brought up the scene where Rinna asked Dorit if she was doing cocaine at that dinner party. I’ve loathed Rinna this whole season, but as a viewer I could not help laughing out loud at Rinna’s delivery during that moment, but if I actually knew any of these people, I would probably be offended by Rinna’s rudeness. At the same time, I still don’t get why a dozen people would get up from an outdoor dinner. That made zero sense to me. I just wish that Rinna asked about it sooner.

Kyle reflected, “I hated that she said that just because I’m the most anti-drug person probably ever. Maybe it’s a past life thing, I don’t know, but to even being associated with anyone saying that I was like ‘Great. Now it’s going to be talked about.’ I don’t want any association with anything that has to do with this.”

Here’s a great throwback for the long time viewers: Heather asked, “Is there anyone you would want to bring back from previous cast members?” She even mentioned Carlton Gebbia (indirectly) by asking, “The witch?” And Kyle made it clear that she would not be welcomed back: “I am good. There is no love loss there.” Agreed.


[Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo]