Jax Taylor Was Surprised By The “Bad Ending” When He Filmed His Spin-Off With Brittany Cartwright

The Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright spin-off was one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory. They were posting a ton of pictures and videos from Kentucky and they put up some super conspicuous photos of them “hanging out” in Bravo offices in front of the logo on the wall. So we all knew the Vanderpump Rules spin-off show was in the works, but we now know that it’s officially happening this summer. Obviously, I’m going to watch it because I watch pretty much everything on Bravo, but what I really want to know is how the other Pump Rules cast members feel about it.

I know that everyone loves Brittany, but she’s only been a full-time cast member on the show for one year, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the more seasoned cast members were jealous. I know they’ve all hated on Jax over the years, but he consistently brings it, so he really does deserve a spin-off in my opinion- well, as much as someone making poor choices on reality TV deserves any opportunity.


Jax talked about Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky and the reaction from his Vanderpump Rules costars in an interview on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. As expected, Jax said, “I am excited. It was a lot of fun.”

The part I wasn’t expecting was when Jax said, “It was a long eleven days. It ended not the way I wanted it to end.” First off, I can’t believe they filmed a whole spin-off in just eleven days. Second, how did it end? Thanks to social media, we know that Jax and Brittany are still together and going strong, so what went so poorly? That’s the question I want answered.

Later in the same interview, Jax said, “I knew going in what this was going to be like, but there are a lot of things that happened that weren’t planned. The way it ends is like… it’s bad. I’m not going to say anything else, I’m just going to say it’s bad.” My guess is maybe he asked for a blessing to propose to Brittany and didn’t get it? Everything seems good with the two of them, so I assume it has something to do with the family. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious though.

Nevertheless, the show is basically a Simple Life reboot with a romantic twist- like I expected. Jax said, “I went to Kentucky with Brittany’s family. She has a five hundred acre farm with horses, pigs, roosters, chickens, she has like a hundred cattle. She’s got all kinds of animals. Have you ever seen Son in Law with Pauly Shore? It’s the same thing or what Paris [Hilton] and Nicole [Richie] did. If you mix those together, it’s that. Me on a farm is like I’m so out of my element doing chores and things like that.”

He shared, “Me going to church was quite interesting. I think I had the whole film crew in tears.” Now that is something I want to see. He also wasn’t feeling “getting up at crack of dawn, feeding the animals, and actually having to work” which surprises no one. Jax revealed, “It’s a lot of work and dealing with her friends and her family- that part of the world is just wow. She’s literally in the middle of nowhere.”  Maybe that’s where the bad ending comes in?

While the premise of the spin-off was pretty obvious to anyone who follows these two on social media, one thing that I’m sure people want to know is how the Vanderpump Rules stars reacted to the news. I’m sure that Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval were happy for Jax and Brittany. I feel like that goes without saying. This last season was basically a Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney spin-off, which was a harsh experience for the newlyweds. So I’m sure they aren’t jumping at the chance for more reality TV exposure at this moment. Lisa Vanderpump just offered Tom and Tom their own bar which is a way better investment in their future than a reality TV show. With all that said, I bet they were pretty happy for Jax and Brittany.

Jax didn’t mention either of the Tom’s, but he did say, “Of course the girls are like ‘We’re so happy for Brittany, but not you, you asshole.’ They’re all like ‘Why didn’t we get one?'” Seriously though? I figured they would want a break after all the mean social media hate from the last season.

Jax said, “Of course there’s gonna be some of that. Eventually, they were happy for us, but in the beginning they were like ‘You assholes’ and I kind of loved it. I love to twist that knife as much as I can- especially with the girls like Kristen [Doute] and Stassi [Schroeder]. The girls love everything about Bravo and the show. They’re so into it. Sorry, girls. It ended up being really cool and they ended up being nice about it, but it took some time.” It’s probably for the best. I think the cast is pretty blessed to share the show with so many people because it prevents them from being completely exposed. It would be kind of scary to have a spin-off solely focused on you. The other cast members should be happy that they will not be in the spotlight in this way, but that’s just my opinion.

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