Does Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Marie Think Mike Shay Spent His Divorce Settlement On Drugs? Plus, Boyfriend Robert Valletta May Appear On Season 6

The reality star formerly known as Scheana Marie Shay, now just Scheana Marie, was a guest co-host on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro this week. The Vanderpump Rules star spilled the tea on forking out $50,000 to ex-husband Mike Shay, on her new boyfriend, Robert Valletta, meeting Lisa Vanderpump, the possibility of getting remarried, her friendship with Lala Kent and so much more!

Scheana was disappointed that Mike tried to make it seem like he was the victim in this split, “After the email I sent him I was surprised that he stooped that low again…It’s not like I was having an affair with Rob and now he’s like so hurt and I left him and wanted a divorce and he’s like trying to hurt me in the media and putting out these songs and stuff I’m like what did I do to you? Like I was your wife I-I cooked and cleaned and paid for everything and like tried to just take care of you in like every way possible I just wanted him to be happy. I put my life and my career on hold for the last couple years ‘cause I just wanted him to be happy. I wanted him to have everything and I think that I don’t know maybe I did that a little too much, but I would’ve just thought after the email I sent and everything that maybe he wouldn’t have done that but he did.”

We reported this weekend that Scheana had to pay out $50,000 to Mike Shay. Does she think he spent it on drugs? “Well, he got paid last year. So, I would assume that’s already gone. He wasn’t a person who was ever really good with money…It was very amicable and as much as I didn’t want to give $50,000 to a person with a drug problem, I felt like… I don’t know, like he deserved it for just you know, being a part of the show for so long and my life and my story and I’m like, look, I’m not like trying to like cut you out and leave you high and dry so like, here’s how much we have, is this okay, and he agreed and I was just like I recommend that you put $10,000 into like SEP-IRA, start a retirement account or something that you know you can start getting interest on, and he was like, yeah that’s a great idea, I doubt he did that…. Like he said on the reunion he’s been using it for his business. So, whether that’s buying studio equipment, signing artists, going on tour and paying everyone, I don’t know, but I just hope that he’s doing something useful with it and not just wasting it like he wasted a lot of mine.”

Scheana also maintains that Robert and Mike were not friends. “Rob and Shay were never friends. People keep-well they’re like ‘oh you’re bragging about dating his buddy I’m like his buddy? No mine.”

She explains how the connection between Shay and Rob came about, “About three years ago Rob has a charity called Tag the World it helps foster kids in Hawaii and there was an event he was throwing it was a celebrity basketball tournament that he asked me to co-host with his friend Jake Pavelka from ‘The Bachelor’ and I was like okay but since it’s a basketball game you know my-I think he was my fiancée at the time is also on the show would it be okay if he plays in the game and he’s like ‘absolutely!’ So they met at this charity event and Shay was the type of person where if he met anyone one time even a fan at Sur he’d be like ‘oh I’ll follow you on Instagram” or whatever like he follows over like a thousand people I think so he started following Rob and that was it like they were never friends they never hung out again nothing.”

Scheana confirms that Robert is considering joining her next season on Vanderpump Rules. “Season six of Vanderpump Rules got picked up so it’s like will he wont he? We’re still figuring that out…He doesn’t really have the time to, honestly. But he is a huge part of my life, so I mean, I want him to, and I also want to be able to show that part of my life, but it might not work with his schedule.”

She reveals that Robert gets along with some of the cast members on Pump Rules, but not all of them. “We’re, we’re pretty much on the same page. Who I like, he likes; and not just because I like or don’t like them. He’s seen a lot of Tweets recently that a couple of the girls on the cast have said about me. Some really nasty things. Calling me names, saying that I’m fake, and I’m exaggerating this and that, and just a lot of things that they’ve said. I don’t even want to get into naming names, but he sees that and he’s just like, ‘they’re assholes.’ Like, that, you know, ‘why am I going to be nice to this person who’s treating you like this. But he gets along with all of the guys great. Him and Sandoval are getting to be really good friends. He’s actually known Jax for years, just going back to; he used to run the door at a lot of clubs in LA so he knew Jax from like, those Les Deux days.”

Scheana isn’t shy anymore about her love for Lala Kent. She’s no longer fearing the 3-headed-she-beast! “She’s someone I literally talk to every single day. We live across the street from each other, we have the same workout regime so we’ll go to the gym together, we’re the same size so we can share each other’s clothes which is great because she has a way more expensive wardrobe than I’m willing to pay for! I was just like ‘fuck it, I like her, I want to be her friend’! I have Lala’s back absolutely. I know the ins and outs of her relationship now, I know why she did and didn’t say certain things last season, I know why she left. We’ve become really close friends in a really short period of time, she’s someone I absolutely trust and she didn’t make me sign an NDA to be her friend.”

Scheana says Ariana Madix dubbed them (Scheana, Lala and Ariana) Team Hot and Nice. “As far as hanging out goes, the three witches of weho tend to hang out with each other and as we call ourselves, team hot and nice, I know it’s a little conceited, but we have our thing.”

Lisa Vanderpump met Scheana’s boyfriend Rob and approves. Scheana introduced them at the Vanderpump Pets opening and was super nervous about it since Lisa is like a mom. But Lisa ‘looked him up and down’ and said she approves.

If Scheana remarries “The thing is, still, if I’m getting married, remarried, I’m marrying someone I do trust 100%. It didn’t work out last time, but, I still felt good going into it not needing that relationship insurance or whatever. Because I’m like, look, this is my best friend, I’m marrying him and sharing my life with him. I don’t want to be like ‘just in case…’ that’s just not my style. Ironically, Rob’s dad is a divorce attorney…so, if he wants one, then you know, we can discuss it then, but that’s just not something I would be like ‘oh because I got screwed over now I want to make sure you don’t’. I wouldn’t go into it that way. But, if this was something he was like ‘we’re doing this’, then, like, okay. There are no deal-breakers with me unless you cheat on me.”

Listen to her full co-hosting gig where she reveals if Mike Shay still has her blocked on social media and shares what it was like for her to meet Khloe Kardashian!


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