Scheana Marie Shay and Robert Valletta

As a person who’s way too into Vanderpump Rules, I wish the episodes would speed up and be more in line with what the cast is up to in real time. Last week, we saw Scheana Marie and Mike Shay celebrate their two year wedding anniversary and it felt strange to watch since they are not together anymore. There’s still no sign of a breakup this season, so it feels like we are really behind. Especially since Scheana has been talking about her secret boyfriend in interviews and on social media.

If you follow her on Snap you have probably seen a male limb in the corner of her stories and wondered who she was dating. If you watch Scheana’s recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, you might even remember that Andy Cohen remarked that he met Scheana’s man before the show and that he was tall. Well now, the mystery is solved. Scheana’s mystery man has been revealed.


Yes, I actually made you click to see this dude’s name. According to E! News, Scheana is dating actor Robert Valletta. You’re not alone if you have no idea who that is because I didn’t either, but if you’re wondering yes, his sister is Amber Valletta. I looked up Robert on IMDb and apparently he is “best known” for his work in the 2009 film Frat Party which I am not at all familiar with – no shade intended.

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The Shays officially called it quits in November and E! News sources say that Scheana and Robert have known each other for a decade and have “supported each other through the years.” Their romance got started over the holidays and they spent New Year’s Eve together.

Good for Scheana. Being single during the holiday is tough – believe me, I know. That was perfect timing for her and it honestly felt liked her relationship with Shay was over way before it publicly ended. Things seemed to be pretty off for a while. Not to mention those reports that Shay disappeared for days and stole money from Scheana. And even watching the show now, Scheana seems lonely since Shay is always “at the studio late.”

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The same E! News article also stated that Scheana “may get involved in a new television project her beau is working on.” I have no idea what that even means since I don’t think Scheana is an actress so maybe it’s another reality TV gig? What I really want is for Robert to appear on Vanderpump Rules and I’m sure the fans agree.


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