The quasi-feud between Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix on Vanderpump Rules is strange to me. There’s no real source of animosity between the two of them, but it seems like they’re caught up in other people’s bull shit. I could never see them being friends, other than the fact that they’re on this show, but they did have a weirdly touching moment discussing murder during the Pump Rules season finale.

That didn’t last too long since they have been feuding on social media and in interviews ever since. Stassi just maintains that she doesn’t get where the beef is coming from and Ariana is still very much against the idea of friendship. At least we know there will be plenty of drama next season.


Both Stassi and Kristen Doute stopped by the Pump Rules Podcast to discuss the strange dynamic between Stassi and Ariana. Stassi made this comparison: “I feel like [my situation with] Lisa [Vanderpump] is the exactly the way I feel about Ariana. I just keep trying and no matter what I do, I just can’t quite get there.”

Ariana took major issue with the fact that Stassi said she “finally cracked her,” but Stassi did what she could to explain what she meant. Stassi clarified, “Cracking somebody isn’t something that’s supposed to be taken as negative. I’ve been trying to crack Ariana since the day I met her. When I say ‘crack someone’ I mean actually get to a real place where we’re talking and actually vibing and not just like ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m good.’ ‘How are you?'” She added that she wanted “something a little deeper than that.”

I feel like there’s a lot missing to the story when it comes to explaining the tension between Ariana and Stassi.

Even Kristen – of all people – enjoyed that the one-on-one convo between Stassi and Ariana at the wedding. She admitted, “I thought it was actually a really cool moment to watch as a viewer because I wasn’t sitting there watching them have this conversation in person. It was the most vulnerable. It was the kind of stuff that I like to watch when I watch reality television. I like watching the fun moments, the funny moments, the real moments, and the really vulnerable ‘I cracked you’ moments. I don’t understand how that was taken negatively. It’s such a positive thing to say.”

It’s a reality show. Everything is spun around for the sake of drama – even the one time it seemed like Stassi and Ariana were genuinely getting along.

Reflecting on the heart-to-heart discussion, Stassi said, “I was happy.” And she asserted, “I’m going to say this until I die. She’s the one that has an issue with me.” Stassi also declared, “I feel like there’s somebody inside that I get or understand. I don’t know what it is.” And I don’t think you ever will. This is the one dynamic on this show that I never see changing up. I could never imagine that Ariana would come around to the idea of this friendship.

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Of course, Kristen said, “I have an opinion about this.” And, yes it comes back to Tom Sandoval. Kristen shared, “We talked about this a little bit where we don’t know if it’s Tom or is it her who is the one sort of leading the charge on that. I feel like her issue with [Stassi]- and this is my own personal opinion- is that Sandoval wants to be queen bee. And sorry, not sorry, Stassi just sort of is.”

This isn’t the first time that Kristen has talked about Tom’s supposed desire to be a queen bee, but I just don’t see it. These days, I agree with most things that Kristen says (I live for the newly reformed Kristen), but I can’t see Sandoval being jealous of Stassi. It’s obvious that he can’t stand her and I’m sure that influences Ariana, but I just don’t think he wants to be the “queen bee” of Vanderpump Rules.

Kristen told Stassi, “You and Tom have never had a f**king problem. Ever.” Stassi replied, “That’s what annoys me. I like Sandoval too and Sandoval has never liked me.”

Kristen continued, “I think that is why Ariana has this thing with you that isn’t even 24/7. Sometimes she’s super vulnerable. You guys get along and text each other about Game of Thrones and shit. Other times it’s just this hard, outer shell.”

Wait. Stassi and Ariana text about Game of Thrones? That is a lot more interaction than I ever expected them to have outside of contractual filming obligations.

Kristen theorized,  “I think it’s a Sandoval thing. I think if Sandoval cannot be the number one guy in the group and the f***ing queen bee, he’s going to shit and hate on anyone else who is.” She also said, “He’s not threatened by Jax [Taylor] because Tom is always going to see Jax as a joke whether he loves him or not.” Ouch.


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