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Kristen Doute Takes Responsibility For New Orleans Drama; Thinks Tom Sandoval Is Jealous Of Stassi Schroeder

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute is a master when it comes to stirring the pot and she owns up to everything she’s done. It was Kristen’s instigation that brought us that instantly iconic “battered wife” monologue from Tom Sandoval and restored Pump Rules to its former glory. Obviously, I am going to watch the show no matter what, but this season was lagging until that point. Thank you, Kristen.

In a recent interview, Kristen took responsibility for inciting that epic fight in New Orleans, attempted to explain the feud between Ariana Madix and Stassi Schroeder, shed some light on Scheana Marie’s split from Mike Shay, and continued her season-long analysis of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s relationship. As per usual, she provided some prime insight and entertainment.


Aside from her vendetta against Tom Sandoval, Kristen makes perfect sense in her interview with the Daily Dish podcast. Her boyfriend Brian Carter even chimed in with some on point insight, making me hope that he becomes a cast member next season.

At the very start of the interview, Kristen admitted, “I feel badly that Carter and I single-handedly messed up the second night.” She also admitted, “At the same time, the result was so positive. The timing wasn’t the best maybe to bring that stuff up to Schwartz.” Yeah, I don’t think it was the best idea to criticize someone’s relationship during his bachelor party, but apparently it has worked out since all of the Pump Rules cast members have said that Katie and Schwartz are in a good place these days.

Apparently the trip was actually a good time though. Kristen said, “It was so much fun. The last night was by far the best.” And of course she took a dig at Sandoval: “It was very uncomfortable to watch Schwartz give Katie that lap dance though, I’m not gonna lie. I think Sandoval enjoyed it the most.”

Going back to the drama, Carter chimed in and backed up his girl. “It had to be done. I felt bad by the way we did it. What they didn’t show was that Katie was the one that figured it out herself.”

To be honest, it really come off like some “Kristen propaganda” (as Sandoval theorized), but Carter clarified, “We didn’t make this up.” Kristen added, “I’m not assuming that Katie feels this way. Katie said verbatim that this is how she feels. I wanted to make it so f–king clear that’s what was up.” It didn’t really come off this way during the episode. Sure, I remember Katie saying that she felt this way, but it came across as if she was just jumping on the bandwagon with Kristen’s theory in an attempt to justify her less than likable actions.

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Once  again, Kristen emphasized that their meddling made a lasting difference in Tom and Katie‘s relationship. “So when we watched the new episodes, Carter just kept saying ‘Look what we did. We made it better.'” Tom and Katie getting along and fully supporting each other is going to be the ultimate plot twist in the upcoming episodes. As sad as it is to say, it would be pretty shocking for most viewers.

Kristen was offended by Tom‘s “propaganda” accusations that he made during the episode. Kristen ranted, “That’s what was so annoying for me to watch. Sandoval was like ‘This has Kristen’s fingerprints all over it. This is propaganda.'” Yeah, I’m sure it’s frustrating for anyone to be accused of lying on a TV show, especially by an ex boyfriend that she does not really get along with.

Everyone was shipping the Tom and Tom bromance with Sandoval’s adamant defense of Schwartz’s Vegas behavior accompanied by all of the tears possible, but Kristen revealed a key piece of information: “He was not in Vegas that time. He had no idea what he was talking about when he kept saying ‘I was there.’ He wasn’t even on that trip.” And Carter stated the obvious, “Schwartz probably doesn’t even remember.” #TequilaTom

But now, Kristen and Carter say that the couple is way past the drama. Carter stated, “They’ve been great ever since.” And Kristen later said, “Thank god. I couldn’t do another summer like that” and neither could the viewers. Rejoice.

Moving on to lighter topics, Carter was asked about being the one dude who didn’t go through with dressing in drag for the bachelor party. Kristen theorized,  “I don’t think Schwartz was the one who really wanted it,” and Carter confirmed, “Sandoval pushed it big time.” Well, yeah. He had a whole separate suitcase full of drag materials and he glued on fake nails. The man was beyond committed.

And apparently Sandoval was offended that Carter didn’t go for the drag thing. Kristen revealed, “He was screaming at Carter about how much money he spent on everything.”

That’s not surprising, but the shocking part was that Kristen and Ariana were actually on the same page while that whole thing was going down. Kristen said, “Ariana and I were standing there like ‘This is not happening right now.’ Is this for real?’ We’re like holding them back while Sandoval is in a dress and makeup with his nails on.” Such a mess.

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Speaking of Ariana, Kristen tried to decipher her random beef with Stassi. To me it just seemed like Stassi was feuding with Ariana to avenge Kristen from the love triangle with the two of them and Tom Sandoval from a couple years back, but apparently that’s not the case, or at least it’s not confirmed.

Kristen said, “I still to this day don’t understand it. I don’t get what her issue is. Stassi’s never done anything to her.” That’s debatable, but I’m not going to go there because Kristen’s theorizing got super entertaining after that remark.

Kristen declared, “The only thing I could slightly come up with is that Sandoval has always had this weird problem with Stassi and I think it’s because she’s the number one girl in the group.” Ah, an allusion to Jax Taylor‘s infamous “number one guy” rant.

Kristen continued, “There’s something about Stassi – even for the viewers – if you’re friends with her, she just has this leader sort of persona about her. You’re very intrigued by her. It’s just something natural that she can’t help. I think people get jealous about that and I think Sandoval is one of those people.” And Kristen finished that off by saying, “He wants to be Stassi, that’s probably it.” I don’t know about that, but I would love to know what Sandoval thinks of that theory.

One person Kristen loves is Brittany Cartwright. And now that Kristen has mellowed out and is in a stable relationship, she is sharing her thoughts on the other Pump Rules couples. When asked if Brittany and Jax are going to make it, Kristen said, “I hope so for Brittany’s sake because I know she is. Then there’s part of me that doesn’t hope so if he’s not on the same page.” That’s not exactly a beaming endorsement.

As expected, Kristen had nothing but glowing things to say about Brittany. “Brittany is such a light in our group. There couldn’t be a better person for Jax. I just need Jax to really grasp that. Jax gets bored and that’s why he acts out, hence the rumor about Brittany and I. I hope that he can just be content and happy that he has an amazing life with an amazing girlfriend. As long as he keeps that mentality, I hope they stick together.” Same. I am (naively) all for this Jax and Brittany relationship.

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The one major story line this season that hasn’t even come up in the episodes that have aired to this point is the Scheana and Shay breakup. Kristen said, “Everyone will see at the end of the season what he’s really like now and what happened with them.”

Kristen recalled a conversation that she had with Scheana: “I said, ‘Should we reach out to him to see if he’s doing okay?’ She was like ‘Hell no. He just talked shit about all of you guys anyway.'”

And of course, Kristen was asked about Shay‘s mysterious absence during the New Orleans episodes even though he was on the trip. Scheana said that he had “sun poisoning” during one of the episodes, but Kristen also added, “He wasn’t really around. He also doesn’t like our group. There’s all this bull shit about how he doesn’t drink so he doesn’t want to hang out with us. Bull shit.”

Kristen also said, “I’m just so happy Scheana got out of it when she did and they didn’t have kids already.” When asked about Scheana‘s new relationship with Robert Vallett, Carter admitted, “He’s a good guy I met him.” Kristen agreed, “A really good guy. I’ve known him for a long time – like three years I think I’ve known him. They’re moving slow, but she’s really happy.”

Kristen and Carter spilled some interesting tea in that interview. Now I’m just waiting to see what goes down at the end of the season, and obviously, I’m excited to see everyone going at it during the reunion.


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