Phaedra Parks is blaming Real Housewives Of Atlanta producers for feeding her lies about Kandi Burruss!

Phaedra claims it was production who informed her that Kandi planned to drug and rape Porsha Williams and she only repeated the claim to protect her friend. However, Phaedra believes producers planted the lie on her. Why – did they want her to get firedAre they colluding with Apollo?


According to sources, Phaedra implicated the producers during the reunion, but Bravo sliced that from the final cut to avoid viewers learning how shady behind-the-scenes dealings are. Phaedra believes she was fired for her role in calling out production, and according to a source, feels she was unfairly targeted. She’s furious because now it looks like she completely made up the lie about Kandi out of spite!

A source close to Phaedra says she’s furious not only because she lost her bread and filthy buttermilk, but she’s allegedly being subjected to “daily threats and bullying” from viewers. Also being embroiled in the scandal has ruined her reputation. Um, really? Cause “Lies Of A Real Housewife.” Cause Apollo fraud conviction 2.0….

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Allegedly Phaedra’s office is also getting slammed by complaints over angry fans, and Bravo is doing nothing to absolve her reputation. Even though the network and crew are well-aware that it was production, not Phaedra who is the real source of the lie.

Unfortunately Phaedra has found herself in a sticky situation – TMZ reports that although production did spill the story to Phaedra, they didn’t tell her to repeat it on camera, and therefore she’s culpable for her own actions. I’ve heard rumblings that Phaedra could be considering legal action since she’s no longer under contract with the show.

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Rumor also has it that executive producer Carlos King planted the story with Phaedra (which she revealed on the reunion – and allegedly there was quite a blow-up between him, Kandi, and others), and he was also reportedly fired for his role in the situation. Especially since Kandi refused to return if Carlos stayed involved in the show. NeNe Leakes also reportedly quit over Bravo’s refusal to axe Carlos. He’s the producer responsible for hiring Kenya Moore, and  ‘failed’ Housewife Claudia Jordan.

Shady, sh-sh-shaaaady!

Although the reunion episodes are done and over with, we still have one fresh episode left tonight: Secrets Revealed. Tune in and live-snark with us in the comments at 8/7 CST!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]