Tinsley Mortimer on Watch What Happens Live

Even though I barely “know” Tinsley Mortimer, I like her so far based on what I’ve seen on Real Housewives of New York. I was excited for her to open up during her first Watch What Happens Live appearance. Unfortunately for me, that isn’t exactly what happened.

Tinsley was a delight, but I was really anticipating Andy Cohen asking a bunch of questions about living with Sonja Morgan and her brown ice. But that did not happen. Weirdly enough, there were zero Sonja-related questions, and I learned pretty much nothing about Tinsley. It was a forgettable episode in all honesty, but I watched so you don’t have to. I’ll share the (very) few interesting parts.


In what easily could have been the biggest landslide in the history of WWHL polls, the audience was asked who was more mature: Ramona Singer or her daughter Avery Singer. That was a pretty obvious answer and Avery one with ninety percent of voters on her side.

Tinsley echoed the sentiments of the audience and said, “Avery forever. I love Ramona, but come on.” Avery has always been the voice of reason on this show.

Andy asked Tinsley about her (younger) date Chad from the last episode. All Tinsley had to say was, “Chad is a great guy. We’re friends.” Andy had no qualms calling her out when he replied, “He makes another appearance or two this season.” I’m all for that. As Andy (repeatedly) said, “Chad could really get it.”

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Still, Tinsley maintained that there was nothing serious going on and claimed, “I’m trying to listen to the list a little bit” in reference to the husband requirements that she and Sonja (of all people) put together during Tinsley’s first episode as a Housewife.

The only (kind of) interesting question asked Tinsley what she thought about Bethenny Frankel. There’s no beef here though. “I actually really like Bethenny. I don’t have a problem with her.” She explained,  “When you’re new to any situation and a new friend, I mean it takes a little time to warm up. She’s been a little hot and cold to me, but I think she’s incredibly smart, witty, funny, and I think she’s a great girl.” Plus, Tinsley could never handle going up against Bethenny.

It wasn’t the most exciting or informative episode of Watch What Happens Live, but I still like Tinsley so I guess that’s good. Hopefully she comes back later in the season to gossip and throw some shade.


Photo Credit: Bravo