Melissa & Joe Gorga

If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again, right? Such is the case with Melissa Gorga trying to sell her Montville, NJ mansion! Melissa and Joe Gorga have once again listed their 9,000 square-foot behemoth, this time with an asking price of $3.5 million in hopes of finally unloading it.

The Gorgas supposedly purchased the home in 2007 for $950,000 – even though Joe was actually the builder (essentially they purchased the home from his company?). Rumors even swirled that Joe, a luxury home developer, initially built the house with a construction loan only sell, but they moved in when Melissa joined Real Housewives Of New Jersey to provide the illusion of being uber wealthy. 

Oh the storied history of this house, which they’ve been trying to sell the home for YEARS and has been Chateau Sheree’s rival the subject of a lot of legal wrangling and other dramas. At one point the Gorgas had a potential buyer at the original $3.8M asking price, but then enter thy beaver (something Poison knows all about!!).

The hopeful new owner took occupancy of what is now infamously named Casa de Leaky Beaver in a rent-to-own type deal, but alleged misleading conditions, a beaver infestation, and other complaints led to him to eventually stop making payments. The Gorgas sued and evicted him, so back to Montville Melissa and Joe go. You can catch up on all that mess here.

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Today, Melissa and Joe are trying, yet again, to make a sale of the massive monstrosity (‘member the faux granite sinks?!). And they’ve since made improvements, such as adding a spa-like pool and hair salon.

Their real estate agent describes the property as a “celebrity estate” and boasts of prospective buyers being able to touch a bit of “Hollywood Hills glam meets East Coast style.” We’ve all seen it’s details courtesy of Bravo, which include the recording studio in the unfinished basement, but the property also features 2 acres of land, six bedrooms, and 7.5 bathrooms.

So where will they go? Melissa and Joe built a home in Franklin Lakes, which they never took occupancy of courtesy of Beaver-Gate and then reportedly sold for $2.65 million back in July 2016. However, learned that property records show the home has never been sold and is not currently on the market. Which means Melissa and Joe still own it? Maybe the family pizza parlor owners could just move in with Teresa Giudice?!


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