After such a much-needed Real Housewives of New Jersey comeback, I figured that Melissa Gorga would be spilling the tea during her Watch What Happens Live appearance. Unfortunately, that was all superseded by the Real Housewives Awards. I don’t know why this was all squeezed into one episode, but it was.

Don’t get me wrong, Dorinda Medley was there the whole time, so there were some hilarious moments and special appearances, but it just felt like it should have been two separate shows to me.

Andy Cohen asked Melissa about the highly hyped return of Danielle Staub– who deserved a way better entrance, in my opinion. Melissa said, “I met her for the first time on camera at her housewarming party that you saw the flashback of. I was skeptical to meet her because I didn’t know what to expect, but I was really pleasantly surprised. She’s a very vulnerable, interesting, intriguing woman.” Plus Danielle is essentially the one who brought Melissa onto this show thanks to her (iconic) shit stirring during the Season 2 reunion. Melissa should be grateful for Danielle’s existence. If she didn’t ask “Did you acknowledge your nephew?” Melissa may not even be a Housewife.

Andy also teased, “It’s not the last you’re going to hear about that cake.” Oh joy. Let’s just hope that everyone kisses and makes up…. so they can argue about something else instead.

Of course Andy brought up Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino’s split since Dorinda was there. She said she was “super surpised by the announcement.” She said “absolutely not” when asked about his rumored rebound engagement. When asked if Tom and Missy were still hanging, Dorinda said no comment. Ramona Singer dropped by the clubhouse and clarified that Miss “doesn’t want anything to do with him.”

Andy read a tweet from Kim D which said, “Cockeroaches thrive in dark , damp squalor conditions and bank owned dumps ,Sounds more like you @melissagorga.” Melissa said,  “She’s so clever,” but was Dorinda who came in with the savage response:  “Kim D, tweet that to me, honey.” The tweet was linked to an Instagram post with a less than flattering photo of Melissa mid-performance during her pop star era. And yes, she spelled cockroach incorrectly. First everyone was saying cock-a-roach during the episode and now Kim forgot to use spell check in a fit of rage.

Andy shared that a lot of fans wanted to know if Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri made amends with Teresa Giudice since the passing of her mother. Melissa said, “Yeah, they did. They came around for the funeral and they were by her house and everything.” So are they cool now or did they just pop by the funeral? If they’re cool, this show could use Rosie as a full-time cast member.

Another viewer wanted to know if Dorinda ever apologized to Luann for introducing her to Tom, which is an absurd question if it’s actually serious. Dorinda confessed, “Absolutely not. I thought they would meet each other, have a slap and a tickle, and move on.” Didn’t we all though? Thankfully we were blessed with so much more. I’m just sad that he’s not going to be on the show anymore. Hopefully he is still a topic of conversation. I really live for a Tom reference.

Sonja Morgan appeared after winning an award and told Andy “No” when asked if she would date Tom again and she citing “girl code” as a reason- another great song from Luann…. at least in my opinion. Andy tried to figure out what was going on with Sonja and Frenchie. He even mentioned that Frenchie was at the clubhouse earlier. Sonja said, “He’s at the house, but he wanted to go meet friends around the the corner.” Andy said, “OK. That’s confusing.” Yeah, but what’s new about that? This whole situation has always been confusing.

Andy finally got back into the New Jersey Jersey premiere. He asked Melissa about her first impression of new cast member Margaret Josephs. Melissa made it clear that she’s a fan, saying, “I loved her. I think she’s a character. She’s an individual. It’s not easy to come on a Season 8 and she came on.”

Andy asked Dorinda, “Would you be as upset over cake being thrown as Siggy [Flicker] was?” Dorinda said,  “No. I wouldn’t be upset. I think I’d say ‘whats going on?’ and kind of stop it. That was very intense and I love Siggy.” Melissa chimed in with, “It was like girls just want to have fun” and create story lines… and increase ratings.

The funniest question of the night was when someone tweeted asking Melissa where she got her dress from. Come on. Was Melissa going to appear on Watch What Happens Live and wear a dress from any store other than her own? It’s definitely not from Posche, that’s for sure.

And here is your complete list of winners (and my personal commentary):

Class comedian- Sonja. This makes a lot of sense. Sonja is hilarious.

Prom King & Queen- Melissa and Joe Gorga. Joe even wore a powder blue tux to commemorate the occasion.

Most Likely to Never Age – Cynthia Bailey. She wasn’t there to accept the award in person, but she did record a video message where she said,  “Beauty, a little slower in my case, but class is forever.” So true, Cynthia.

Most Likely to Succeed in Reading –Dorinda.  She really does have the best one-liners.

Best Friends- Ramona and Sonja. The two “accidentally” coordinated their outfits and Ramona is looking better than ever. She is seriously pulling a JLo and aging in reverse. Dorinda even called her, “Benjamin Button.” Applicable.

Most Like to Live in A Mansion – Shannon Beador. How was this anyone other than Lisa Vanderpump? No offense to Shannon, but her lemons in a bowl have nothing on Villa Rosa.

Best Style –  Erika Girardi. Erika wasn’t in the club house and she didn’t send in a cute little video either. Maybe she felt like Erika Jayne should have won the award instead.

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See the photos from last night in the gallery below!


[Top Photo Credit: Dorinda’s Instagram/Charles Sykes/Bravo]