Danielle Staub Was Initially Jealous Of Margaret Josephs Becoming A Full Time Cast Member; Says Her Kids Have “PTSD” From Her First Two Seasons On RHONJ

 As much as I hoped it would happen, I never actually thought I would see the day when Danielle Staub is back as a cast member on Real Housewives of New Jersey. What a time to be alive. If anyone was meant to be a reality TV star, it was Danielle Staub.

That’s why it’s so upsetting (and unjust) that Danielle was not asked to be a full-time cast member for her big return to RHONJ. She is at every group event. She knows how to stir the pot. Danielle is doing the most and getting the least. What is going on?

Danielle discussed returning to the show as a “friend of the Housewives” instead of a full-time cast member during her appearance on The Morning Breath.

She confessed, “I didn’t understand. I was insulted. Then I realized as I started to film that I was in every group cast gathering in every one of those scenes. I was in private scenes. I was doing the work and spending the time getting to know everybody. Bravo always knows what they’re doing and so do the producers. I trust them immensely.” I do, too, but it still makes no sense that Danielle isn’t in the opening credits. Orange County has seven women holding up oranges. Dallas has six cast members. Atlanta has six full time ladies. New Jersey only has five. What is up with that? It makes zero sense to me.

Danielle couldn’t help wonder,  “Are they using me? What was the intentions behind it? If I’m part time, does that mean I’m disposable?”

In all honesty it does seem like they are using Danielle. She is doing it all and she still didn’t get the spot that she deserves. Now she has to continue to fight for it next season if she is asked back. It seems like they are baiting Danielle into creating more story lines by dangling the opportunity to be an actual Housewife in front of her. Whatever. All of the real fans know that Danielle is essentially a Housewife anyway.

Danielle said, “Clearly I’m not [disposable] and clearly I’m cementing myself back in. I feel like I never left really.” How can it feel like she “never left” when it’s an entirely different cast excluding Teresa Giudice?

One person that Danielle does not have any drama with is the new girl Margaret Josephs. Still, Danielle admitted, “At first because she got full-time status right away, I have to admit that in the first scene I said ‘I don’t like her at all’ and I didn’t even meet her yet. I was doing what everyone does to me. I can see clearly why people do that sometimes. I was a little jealous. I can’t lie.” That all changed when Margaret mentioned “pot puss,” and Danielle said, “I fell in love with her” in that moment.

Danielle put that initial jealousy aside and now things are all good with the two of them. Danielle said, “We talk every single day multiple times a day.” She continued to sing Margaret’s praises: “She’s so fast, so witty, and so sharp. I’ve become addicted to her. She’s a loyal friend and I’ve got to tell you, someone I’m not going to mention who, might be missing out on that.” Who could she be referencing there? Obviously it’s a dig at Siggy. I have no idea.

When asked to describe her relationships with the women in the cast, Danielle came through with some very blatant shade: “I think excellent… except for two of them.” Cough, cough Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania.

Even though Danielle is elated to back on RHONJ, her first go at it was very difficult for her and her two daughters. Danielle shared, “They were traumatized. They definitely had Post Traumatic Stress from everything that happened to their mom. I mean nobody can deny them that. It’s still going on.” So will they be on the show? Danielle said, “You’re going to see Jillian and Christine is feeling it out.”

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