Melissa Gorga Denies Meeting With Danielle Staub Before Filming; Says Siggy Flicker Is Different Than She Was Last Year

In comparison to seasons past, this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey has been a breeze for Melissa Gorga. She has just enough drama to get screen time, but she’s really not in the thick of it. Plus she gets to promote her store Envy at every possible second. She really is in the best spot out of all the Jersey ladies at this point.

This is a stark contrast from the woman who joined the show in the middle of a feud with Teresa Giudice after Danielle Staub infamously brought up the family drama during the Season 2 reunion. Apparently Danielle and Melissa were talking about their (former) shared enemy years ago, but apparently they only met this season.

Melissa (sort of) addressed her unclear past with Danielle during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live when a viewer called in and said, “Danielle and you are becoming really good friends. I wanted to know, years ago Danielle said that you went over her house and you denied it. Did you two ever talk about that?” Melissa appeared to be thrown off by the question- or for all I know there’s just poor audio quality in the Bravo clubhouse.

Melissa said, “Wait. That I went to her house?” She eventually said, “I actually met Danielle for the first time filming this show. We exchanged emails and had met through the internet or whatever, but we never met before I filmed with her.” Andy Cohen read my mind when he interjected with “I want to dig a little deeper into that at the reunion, I think.” YES, ANDY. Please do that.

That was by far the juiciest part of the interview, but there were some standard questions before that. Andy asked, “How are things at the restaurant now?” Melissa said, “Gorga’s is packed. Actually there’s a line every single night going out the door.”

Andy asked two questions that many viewers wanted clarification on: “And what is your involvement? And what’s Teresa’s involvement?” Melissa admitted, “So it’s mainly Joe [Gorga]. This is Joe’s thing. This is what he wants and we came in as a family to kind of do it together and help him out with the menu. I can’t be there twenty four hours a day and Teresa can’t either, but we’re there and we help him. We go there with the recipes with my father-in-law. It did cause problems. It makes us argue and I don’t like that.”

Andy also asked Melissa about the comments she made about Teresa’s parenting style. Melissa said, “I think Teresa even says throughout the episode that I was right about it and it’s not a negative thing at all. She gives them so much love. It’s not a negative thing. It’s like sisterly advice. She doesn’t have a sister. Sometimes she can be a little too lenient, which is not a bad thing.”

One caller asked Melissa, “What would you have done and you had been at the retreat and Siggy [Flicker] called you out the way she called Margaret out at the retreat, knowing that we already know she called you out in front of a bunch of people and it was humiliating.”

Maybe Melissa didn’t hear the second half of the question, but she did respond with, “She actually did call me out at her house in front of about eighty women and I stayed. I feel like she’s different this year than the Siggy I knew last year. Watching it back, I’m actually frustrated at myself for not walking out of that party because she was really rude to me at her house.”

And the best  question of all was finally addressed: Will Melissa make any new music? Melissa immediately said, “No,” which breaks my heart. There is nothing I love more than a Real Housewife original song. She later added, “I don’t think so. Joe would like me to though. He asks me all the time.” And of course Melissa pointed out, “I’m really into Envy right now.”

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[MAIN PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram/Bravo/MelissaGorga]

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