PK & Dorit talk Pantygate

Even though it obviously is a privilege to be a cast member on every show in the Real Housewives franchise, it can also come with a lot of drama – especially for the new girls. They aren’t going to skate through to hold the diamonds in the opening credits of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without earning it, so they all get (at least) a little bit hazed by their costars.

With that said, it has to feel so good to get past a season as the “new girl.” It seems like Dorit Kemsley agrees with that sentiment. She spent last season going head to head with Erika Girardi (and her alter ego Erika Jayne) over a lack of panties. Even her husband PK Kemsley got involved in the arguments and earned a spot on the couch during the reunion episodes.

Dorit discussed the show during an appearance on The Vinnie Penn Project. She admitted, “I found myself having to defend myself and I’ve never been too bad at that. I was a rookie. I started the season in the truest form of rookie. Everything was new to me. I got myself into hot water with some of the ladies and then there was a bit of an attack on me. The Israeli defense system worked its way out.” I don’t know about that last part, but she definitely earned her spot.

Even though Dorit’s husband PK has talked shit about her costars and stepped in to defend her numerous times, he actually did want her to a be a part of the show. Dorit revealed, “He’s really supportive. In fact, it was him really who got me to do it. Some people had approached him and asked him if I would be interested and my initial reaction was ‘Absolutely not.’ Then we sat down and talked. He really is the one who convinced me to do it. He’s supportive through and through. We’re the type of couple that’s very protective of one another. He’s gonna have my back and that’s never going to change.”

Dorit also pulled the tried and true “blame the editing” card. She said, “A lot happens in the editing room. My husband is the perfect gentleman. Everybody who knows him knows how sweet, kind, and generous he is. He was defending his wife. The ladies were happy to bring him in, but he was also by my side. A lot of the women don’t show up with their husbands. PK and I roll together.” That’s some subtle shade toward the other marriages at the end there.

She continued, “This season you’re definitely going to get a better glimpse into who I am. I think last season, I was a newbie and I was navigating through the muddy waters trying to find a way to get into this group of strong women. Some of them were existing friends – like Lisa Vanderpump and she was always a great friend to me. Then some of the other women put me through a newbie hazing if you will. So yeah, I get it as well. Listen, we have new person on this season and she goes through it a little bit.”

Will Dorit take Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave under her wing or will she pay it forward with the new girl hazing?

Dorit also said, “I think this year you’re going to get a better sense of who I am and better glimpse into our life and me as a mom and me as a businesswoman. The audience will get to see that.”

[Photo Credit: Bravo]