Dorit Kemsley gets wasted

Clearly I counted my eggs before they hatched when I concluded that Dorit Kemsley redeemed herself at the beginning of her second Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season. She was getting along with Erika Jayne while they gambled in Las Vegas and I was so here for their budding friendship.

Then she couldn’t keep Lisa Rinna’s name out of her mouth, which I normally understand since Rinna has caused some trouble over the years, but she was pretty innocent this season (at least until she casually brought up those assault allegations against Ken Todd). Dorit is either talking shit about Rinna or looking for an excuse to do so again. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, she offended most of the fandom when she got wasted and called Camille Grammer a “stupid c**t” for absolutely no reason.

Before she got wasted during Kyle Richards’ dinner party, Dorit got a head start with the rude behavior at a photo shoot that Lisa Vanderpump asked her to participate in. She made a huge fuss over the hair and makeup and had harsh feedback when she saw the photos. Obviously, Dorit has a skewed her own version of the story.

In her Bravo blog about last week’s episode, Dorit wrote, “I was shocked when I walked in and realized it was a full blown photo shoot, as Lisa V told me I was simply having my hands and decolletage photographed. I’m a perfectionist by nature and admittedly a bit of a control freak, so I was thrown out of my comfort zone when I arrived fully unprepared and super pressed for time.” How was Dorit “fully unprepared”? She is always glammed up to the max.

Of course Dorit didn’t have anything to say about her behavior at the photo shoot and just concluded that part of her blog with “Needless to say, I was incredibly happy to support Lisa V and Christina Makowsky—two people I admire and adore.”

Then she got to the main part of the episode and tried to explain her drunken antics. She shared, “As for Kyle’s backyard dinner party, there’s more behind the night than meets the eye. I arrived an hour and a half before everyone else, the drinks were flowing, and I was in good, fun company.”

She continued, “However, it was 100 degrees outside, Kyle’s power was out, and a few too many drinks in, I made some really silly, inappropriate remarks to Camille, a woman I’ve never shared a bad word with. It’s all a blur, and it was difficult to watch at times, but my comments were nothing more than stupid, childish humor fueled by a long night of drinking.” Who just calls someone a c**t out of nowhere? Camille was introducing her new man to the group for the first time and she was nothing but pleasant. It’s also wild how no one was shown sticking up for Camille during Dorit’s turned up outburst. Apparently it’s every woman for herself in the 90210.

Dorit insists, “I really regret that moment, and I’m sorry to Camille, but I want her to know that I had absolutely no malicious intent.” That last part is probably true. More likely than not, her intent was to secure some screen time. She just went about that quest with poor execution against an OG cast member and a fan favorite.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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