Kristen Doute Feels Bad For Logan Noh; Says James Kennedy Is Desperate For Any Attention From Anyone

I love when Kristen Doute plays pot calling the kettle’s bottom black. Like when she talks crap about James Kennedy for being desperate for attention, a user, and an out of control mess who loves to cause trouble, I feel like she must know she’s also describing herself.

Anyway, unsurprisingly, Kristen feels bad for James‘ ex-bestie Logan Noh following his revelation on Vanderpump Rules that he’s in love with James. Which came attached to a fake revelation that he and James have been secretly sleeping together. Well if there’s anyone who can keep up with the Kennedy, it’s professional stalker Krazy Kristen (she is never far away and always lurking in the shadows like a kritter). 

Although Kristen claims she “didn’t even know about” the James and Logan escapades until she watched it on the show.

“I think James loves attention. And no matter who that’s going to hurt,” Kristen declares about her ex-boyfriend. “So I just think that’s really unfortunate. Like, poor Logan.” This coming from the woman who slept with her so-called BFF’s boyfriend (and lied about it multiple times), and who then stalked her ex-boyfriend and tried to destroy his relationship with a fake stalker/cheating scandal. Anyhoodle, yes, moralize on, Kristen.

“I feel for Logan. I really do,” Kristen continues. “And he obviously … His heart is in the right place. And I think that James is denying his own truth a little bit.”

Kristen also believes James and Logan have definitely hooked up. She also doesn’t think their relationship – whether that be friendship or more – is finished. “Who knows what the actual truth is,” Kristen clarifies. “For right now, I think James is embarrassed that this has sort of come up. But I don’t think it’s the end for their friendship.”

“I don’t think James handles anything the right way, with or without alcohol being present,” adds Kristen. “Because if Logan is your best friend and you love him so much, just be honest about what is going on. Whether that’s half of your truth and half of his truth, it’s like, girls come and go, but your friends are going to be there forever.”

Shockingly, Kristen also feels bad for Raquel Leviss after the scene with James and Logan at PRIDE. “Bless Raquel,” Kristen admits to Us Weekly. “I think there couldn’t be two people more opposite in this world than Raquel and I, although we did both date James Kennedy. Fine. Yeah, I think Raquel should have run after the first date, personally. But if this is her jam.”

Of that bizarre love triangle between James, Logan, and Raquel, Kristen shrugs, “The truth is right in front of you; take it for what you will.”

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]