Katie Maloney Says Scheana Marie “Plays The Victim” & Knew About Tom Schwartz’s Makeout Before She “Found Out” On Vanderpump Rules

At this point, we should expect a Scheana Marie vs. Katie Maloney (and almost everyone else in the cast) exchange at the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion.

Yes, the relationship dynamics are constantly changing within this cast, but Scheana and Katie have been at odds for a while. Even Katie’s husband Tom Schwartz referred to her as a “bootleg Kardashian” and called her out for being fake, citing her long talon finger nails as evidence.

Season 6 was filmed months ago, but based on Katie’s recent interview on the Be Here For a While podcast, these two have not made up and there is no chance of that happening any time soon.

Katie was asked, “You guys are currently not friends at all?” She admitted, “No. I really don’t feel like I had a big issue with her. I kind of had issues over the years that I just kind of resolved to ‘maybe we’re just not meant to be friends.’”

Katie continued, “I feel like Scheana has definitely played the victim role in our friendship. She was my friend and she was there for me, but then Stassi [Schroeder] came back and it was like I ditched her and that was so not what happened.”

Katie added, “Maybe we aren’t meant to be friends, but I don’t want to be enemies. Maybe we can be friends adjacent.”

As expected, Katie is not happy with all the shit talking Scheana has done in interviews on and off the show. She said, “It’s just been hard being blamed constantly and being painted as this horrible friend. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and she meant a lot to me. Our friendship meant a lot of me. To hear the way she speaks about me and our friendship hurts. It stings a little bit that I’m this person that’s always been a bitch in her eyes.”

Aside from the constant shit talking back and forth, Katie is actually upset with Scheana for another reason. Katie revealed, “I found out that she knew about the stuff with Tom prior to her finding out [on camera] and that bothered me. That’s why I brought up the Rob [Valletta] thing.”

If Scheana knew about Tom drunkenly making out with Lala Kent’s friend before Lala told her about it on camera, did Scheana ask her to say that ahead of time? Or did she purposely provoke her by sharing the comments Katie made about her man, prompting her to yell “your man made out with my friend”? Either way, it sounds shady.

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