Kristen Doute & Katie Maloney Share Their Thoughts On Tom Sandoval’s Conflict With Lisa Vanderpump, Feuding With Scheana

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And I’m not just referring to the holiday season. Vanderpump Rules is back on TV and I couldn’t be happier. The first episode of Season 6 did not disappoint. Obviously the major story line is that Faith missed her period after she allegedly had sex with is Jax Taylor in front of a sleeping senior citizen that she was supposed to be taking care of, but plenty of other things happened.

Tom Sandoval went toe to toe with Lisa Vanderpump over the restaurant that they are trying to open together. Scheana Marie is at odds with Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder – again.

Katie and Kristen Doute had a lot to say about the first episode, their tension with Scheana, and new friendships with Lala Kent in the latest episode of the Pump Rules Podcast

Lisa and Ken Todd overheard Sandoval complaining to Ariana Madix about his concerns working with them and Lisa had no issue calling him out the next time they met up to discuss the Tom Tom restaurant.

Sandoval was worried that he and Tom Schwartz would not have a say in developing and running a restaurant that’s named after them since they are not investing as much money. Katie defended her man and Sandoval saying, “Isn’t it called Tom Tom? I understand Ken and Lisa have the experience and most of the capital coming into it, but if you’re going to call it Tom Tom, they’re not like so minor.” Fair enough, but Sandoval could have conveyed his concerns in a more tactful way.

Even Kristen defended her ex saying, “If this show didn’t exist for a Season 7, there’s still going to be a Tom Tom. Tom Tom wouldn’t exist without Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. So they should have creative control. Not control, I’m sorry, creative input.”

She continued to stick up for Sandoval, saying, “As much as I enjoyed every moment of he and Lisa fighting, because it’s so nice to see Lisa being a bitch to somebody else other than me, there are things I agree with him on and things that I don’t. Lisa was eavesdropping on their conversation. Come on. She has better things to do.” Yeah, I’m sure she does, but Sandoval shouldn’t have been talking shit about her at her own restaurant AND in front of a camera crew.

Katie said, “It’s your boss. I wouldn’t talk shit on my manager or my boss while I’m at the place of business where they can rightfully listen to anything I have to say there. I’m on their time and on their dime.” Exactly.

Kristen added, “That was so dumb, but it was entertaining.” It was very entertaining, but I also caught some secondhand awkwardness watching that play out, especially since Kristen pointed out, “We really wouldn’t have shit without Lisa Vanderpump.” Hopefully the Toms, Lisa, and Ken are able to work things out.

The first episode was conflict-free for Kristen, other than her threats to Jax on Brittany Cartwright’s behalf when the Faith hookup rumors started to circulate at Scheana’s birthday party. The same can’t be said for Katie who Scheana uninvited from her party.

Scheana stuck with the Tequila Katie rage text narrative from seasons past when she explained the rift between the two of them. Watching the episode, it didn’t make a ton of sense. Katie explained what went down before that fateful text conversation. It all stems from another podcast that Scheana did.

This all went down after the Season 5 reunion, which did not go the way that Katie expected. She recalled, “Everything was great leading up to the reunion and then we were all blindsided at the reunion by Scheana’s sort of position on things and the way she talked about us.”

Katie continues, “On this person’s podcast, the host was like ‘What is the deal with Katie? Is she an insecure person?’ And Scheana with almost zero hesitation was like ‘The thing with Katie is that she just doesn’t have a lot of friends. She has a close knit group of friends, unlike me. I have tons and tons of friends.’ She just starts talking about herself.” Scheana making a conversation about herself? How shocking. Come on, this is the same person who performed an original pop song at her engagement party while she was wearing gold shorts on top of a bar. I could go into a monologue about the excessive (and giant) wedding photos she used to have in her apartment, but I’ll spare you. It’s Scheana’s world and we are all just living in it – or at least that’s how she acts.

Katie explained, “The implication of her response is that I’m incapable of having friends or I’m a bitch or I don’t get along with people.”

When Katie texted Scheana for an explanation, the conflict just blew up. Katie said, “From there it was just a lot of deflecting and a lot of defense. I feel like with Scheana she likes to blame things on me.”

She theorized, “I tried so hard and it always felt like it was never enough unless I was only her friend or closer to her than Stassi [Schroeder] and Kristen. That was the only way she was going to be okay with it.”

Kristen shared her view of Scheana as a friend: “Now that I’m not close to Scheana anymore and I’ve finally taken a step back, I notice that Scheana is BFF’s or Snapchat best friends or Instagram best friends as it’s convenient for the look. Whoever is the most popular in the moment. Whoever she’s going to look like she’s saving or rescuing from ‘bad friends.’”

Kristen even provided examples: “Like when Stassi was alone, she was like Stassi’s only friend. When Stassi and Katie weren’t friends, she was Katie’s best friend. Katie was getting married, and it was like ‘oh gotta jump on that bridesmaid bandwagon.’”

Katie reminded us of Scheana’s immediate disappointment after she made up with Stassi in Palm Springs. Katie said, “She was the one encouraging me to give Stassi a second chance,” but I guess Scheana didn’t mean it or she changed her mind since her “I feel left out” storyline resurrected immediately.

Considering the pattern, it’s not surprising Scheana is not on board with Katie, Kristen, and Stassi making amends with Lala Kent. At the reunion, Scheana insisted that she only disliked Lala because she felt obligated to if she wanted to be friends with the “cool girls” on the show.

Katie recalled, “You’re sitting here in front of my face and the cameras lying saying you never hated Lala.”

Kristen explained why she decided to give Lala a chance: “At the reunion, Katie and Lala both very genuinely apologized to each other is when I genuinely let go of all my pissiness toward Lala because that’s all I was mad about. It had nothing to do with any of the other shit talking. I mean, there were opinions that I had, of course, but it was really like Lala in my opinion was fucking with my best friend. If you’re fucking with my best friend, it’s like you’re fucking with my family.”

Kristen shared, “The second Katie looked at Lala and had that genuine moment and Lala did the same, it was like this huge f-cking weight was lifted. The only person that couldn’t handle it was Scheana.” Of course.

Going back to that now-infamous text fight, Katie explained, “I thought these out. I was one hundred percent sober. I was on a plane and I was hearing stuff that my ‘friend’ – someone that I had been close to who was a bridesmaid in my wedding – was saying these things about me. It was hurtful. That’s not OK.”

She insisted, “I was hurt. I wasn’t yelling at her. I wasn’t screaming at her. I was calm.”

Kristen jumped in with, “Scheana surrounds herself with ‘yes’ people. That’s how Scheana lives her life, going with the argument that has the most support via social media.”

After dissecting the text message showdown, Kristen and Katie discussed Scheana’s relationships with Robert Valletta and Mike Shay. It was cringe-worthy watching Scheana tell Lisa that she’s always wanted to be with Rob even though she just got divorced.

Kristen said, “For Scheana to look at Lisa and say, ‘I knew I was going to be with him’ and it’s like during the six years you were with Shay? Like during your wedding planning?” Clearly Scheana does not have any clue how these comments come across.

Kristen even said, “There have been a handful of times where I stopped and forgot all the f-cked up shit Shay did to her, although she did a lot of f-cked up shit to him and I’m not discounting that, but I was like literally like ‘Poor f-cking Shay.’”

It was also beyond awkward when the first episode flashed back to that scene at Katie’s wedding rehearsal when Scheana told Lisa that she had butterflies again when she kisses Shay. It was awkward to watch the first time around, knowing that they announced their divorce before Season 5 even aired and it felt even more cringe-worthy seeing it again after she made those comments to Lisa about Rob.

Katie explained, “She would say ‘I felt like I had to say that because I was like trying.’ She’ll be like ‘I was trying to fool myself. I was lying to myself.’ This is just sort of a behavioral pattern from Scheana where…” and Kristen finished Katie’s sentence saying, “She is unable to own her shit.”

Katie said that Scheana “rewrites the narrative in her head. That’s how we felt sitting at the reunion with her. She was rewriting a narrative of our lives. Are you really trying to convince me?” Well, it’s all on tape and all of us super fans remember what really happened.

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