Faith Stowers Claims She Told Scheana Marie & Ariana Madix That Jax Was Hitting On Her, But They Never Told Brittany Cartwright

The thirst is just too real with Faith Stowers. The Vanderpump Rules extra is dehydrated in her quest for attention. After hooking up with Jax Taylor MONTHS AGO while he was still dating Brittany Cartwright, she keeps adding even more details to the story.

Is she just trying to extend her fifteen minutes of fame or is she just trying to share “her truth”?

In a Facebook Live interview for Entertainment Tonight, Faith continued to talk about the infamous hookup. Of course, she claimed that thought Jax was single. The Vanderpump Rules pariah said, “What transpired was when he was telling me they were done… which was proven on the audio, and he was pretty much telling me they were done, so I’m thinking, ‘OK, I’ll give you a shot now.’” But why?

Faith admitted, “I’ve always thought Jax Taylor was attractive.” Fair enough. He is an objectively attractive person. Faith added, “he was always pleasant, we went out to dinners, not just me and him, the group. He took care of the bill, he made sure people got home in their Ubers, he was just really attentive, and you know that attracted me to him ’cause you don’t find very many attentive men in L.A..” Yeah, I’m sure Brittany has thought the same thing.

Get ready for this one. Faith said, “I hate to kiss and tell, or as Jax would say, ‘suck toes and tell.'” I couldn’t help laughing at that one. Obviously she is living to tell this story in one interview after another and then there’s the toes sucking reference. Yikes.

Faith also claimed, “When I first got the DM’s, I told Scheana [Marie] and Ariana [Madix] about it. They didn’t tell Brittany. They knew.” Faith maintained, “I didn’t want to tell Brittany because, like I said, I wasn’t friends with Brittany.” She attempted to explain her reasoning: “So I thought I would tell the closest friends, so they would tell you, just like when [Mike] Shay pursued me at one point. Brittany told me to tell Scheana, so I told Scheana. I was close with Scheana then.” There is so much to unpack there.

Faith made the understatement of the century: “It ended up backfiring. Crazy.” Yeah. It’s super crazy that sleeping with someone’s boyfriend for reality TV screen time didn’t go well. At least Faith admitted, “I’m sorry, I should have spoken to you about it.”

Faith said, “No one deserves to go through what she’s been through and, honest to God, like,  I’m praying for her because she’s still in that situation and that’s a dark place when you can get back with someone who could blatantly cheat on you in the way he did and then say the things he said on the audio after that.” Does Faith actually have sympathy for Brittany or is she just trying to rehab her tarnished public persona? I can’t help but assume that it’s the latter.

It gets better though. Faith says that she made that infamous recording by accident. Sure, girl. Faith alleged, “When Jax came in, I was writing music. I use my memo to record my music.” She continued, “I didn’t have time to go ‘Let me check the room for cameras and audio.’ It just kind of happened. So it caught our conversation, not all of it. It wasn’t like a long audio.” What does she mean she didn’t “check the room for cameras and audio” when she was the one who hit record and she probably had her phone in her hand? There was absolutely nothing to “check.”

Faith continued, “After we’re done talking, I walk him out. I go back in to my room. I grab my phone to keep doing the music.” She added, “I play it and then I hear everything.” She claimed, “I’m like ‘Man. I can’t believe this.'” Really, Faith?

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[Photo Credit: Facebook]