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Brittany Cartwright Claims Faith Stowers Tried To Hook Up With Scheana Marie’s Ex-Husband Mike Shay; Explains Why She Is Still With Jax Taylor After He Cheated

In an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Brittany gave an update on Jax’s life since his father passed away in December. She revealed, “He’s having a really hard time right now, going through a lot. It’s just up and down. It hits him all the time that his dad is gone and it’s just a lot to deal with. He’s never lost anybody that close before and I don’t know, it’s just a very sad situation. It was very sudden and he was very close to his dad. I think it’s kind of woke him up and he’s just like ‘I really just want to be like my dad.'”

Brittany added, “He is making changes and trying to be a better person. It’s such a sad thing to go through though. So sad. His dad was an amazing guy. Amazing. I love him and I’m so happy I got to know him. I feel blessed because I got to know him. He was awesome.”

She also attempted to explain that ring Jax is wearing on his ring finger. Brittany shared, “He has his dad’s wedding ring. That ring that he’s wearing – I wish he was here because I don’t know where he got that from. I don’t know how to explain this. A lot of people have been asking me why he wants to wear it. I think he likes it.” She added, “I wish I knew how to explain it, but I don’t.”

Aside from Jax’s grieving, it seems like the couple is in a better place these days, so I don’t blame Brittany for refusing to watch the most recent episodes. She shared, “I watched a bunch of them in the past. This season, I haven’t watched any. I even talked to Bill, who’s our head producer, like ‘When do you think I should start watching them?’ And he was like ‘Whenever your mom comes in, around that time.’ So next week, I’m gonna start watching them.” She explained, “I went through so much and I don’t want to see it again. I know what’s happening and I know the whole world is watching it, but for me it’s like if I’m not seeing it, it’s not there.”

Brittany admitted, “It’s just way too hard to go back and re-watch it. I wish somebody could make me a collage of all the funny things everybody has done and I can see all that stuff. Not the parts of Jax and I fighting.”

Even though everyone loves Brittany, she’s still getting a lot of shit for staying with Jax and now she has to defend her own relationship. Brittany shared, “He was just my instant best friend and that’s what he is now. It’s hard to give something like that up whenever you’re going through hard times. That’s mainly why I want to keep working on things. Whenever we first met, it just clicked instantly.”

She also shot down the misconceptions that she is with Jax for reasons other than the relationship itself. Brittany said, “I hate it whenever people are like ‘She’s only staying with him because of the show or because she doesn’t want to leave LA’ or something like that. I’m like, oh really? Those are the only two reasons? It can’t be because I love him? I put my whole entire life into this. I changed everything for this person and I want to make things work. But whatever.” She emphasized, “I love to work. That’s never been an issue with me. I will support myself no matter what happens.”

When Jax’s cheating with Faith came up, Brittany shared, “I can’t even say her name.” She said, “I don’t even say her name. I can’t stand the thought of her. She doesn’t exist to me.” She was asked if Faith got with Jax just to start drama and she answered, “Yeah. Why would you have a recording?”

Brittany continued, “Let’s be real. She tried to date Max [Todd], who’s Lisa’s [Vanderpump] son. She tried to hook up with [Mike] Shay. There’s just so much stuff.” She also clarified that this was after Shay and Scheana Marie split up, but still it’s a very thirsty move.

Brittany said, “Jax was just an idiot. It’s bad, I know.” She repeated, “I don’t like saying her name. I don’t want to sit here and bash her or anything like that.” She also said, “In the end, I know I did nothing wrong. I was very nice to her always.”

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Tonight is an all new episode of Vanderpump Rules. “Stassi helps organize a party to honor Lisa Vanderpump’s new role at Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, but struggles to convince her bitter ex-coworkers to lend a hand. Schwartz’s triplet brothers come for a visit and a Tom Sandoval makeover, Jax’s anger issues send him running back to reiki therapy, and Katie finds herself the victim of body-shaming comments. Lisa must find a way to reopen SUR after a fire nearly puts the restaurant permanently out of commission.”

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