Ariana Madix

The tough thing about being on reality TV is that being open about your life often involves mentioning other people. So when Ariana Madix opened up about the lingering effects of a toxic relationship on Vanderpump Rules, she was trying to explain why she is the person she is today, but there’s no way to convey that without talking about her previous boyfriend.

Of course Ariana didn’t mention the man by name, but she is still nervous that the ex who referred to her vagina as “disgusting” is going to retaliate against her for being so open about her struggles and the impact of that relationship on her current one with live-in boyfriend Tom Sandoval.

Aside from some frivolous, one-episode arguments here and there, there hasn’t been too much drama for Tom and Ariana in the long list of Vanderpump Rules story lines, but this season they’ve both been very vocal about the lack of sex in their relationship. Ariana attributed this to the insecurities she acquired from her ex. In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Ariana was asked if her ex has reached out to her since these episodes started airing.

Ariana shared, “I’ll just say this.  I haven’t spoken a word to him in over four years, but that’s me. I can only say what I do.” So without saying that he reached out to her, that seems to be what she is implying with that answer.

The SUR bartender confessed, “I was very nervous talking about him. I’m still nervous that he’s going to come after me in some way.” It’s logical for her to be scared of that, but she did mention, “I made sure that I will never say his name or anything like that.” Even so, she can’t help admitting, “It’s nerve wracking.”

While Ariana is working through her own inner demons, her girl Scheana Marie has some drama in her most recent relationship with Rob Valletta. Rob was accused of making out with a girl at Toca Madera, a restaurant in West Hollywood, by Kristen Doute (who wasn’t even present for the alleged incident). Scheana has spent this whole season shading her ex husband Mike Shay and emphasizing how great Rob is in comparison, so this rumor did not sit well with her.

Ariana shared, “She dealt with so much shit in her previous relationship that the second she felt happy, she wanted to live in that and did not want to let go of that.” Ariana continued, “The cheating stuff, I didn’t really buy into it. If it was another night, I would have said it was totally possible. I was with both of them that night, so I was kind of like ‘I don’t really get this. It doesn’t make sense to me.'”

[Photo Credit: Bravo]
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