Scheana Marie Admits She Was Thinking Of Rob Valletta On The Day She Married Mike Shay

As cringe-worthy as it is watching Scheana Marie fawn all over Rob Valletta on Vanderpump Rules knowing that they aren’t dating anymore, it really does make the show. Scheana’s constant bragging has blessed us all with some premium entertainment. I will never get over her revelation that she timed Rob hanging up a TV and that it only took him seven minutes. She even mentioned that their first daughter would be named Madison Marie Parks-Valletta.

For all I know, Scheana wasn’t actually talking about Rob 100% of the time and instead she was just bragging about him 95% of the time, or (hopefully) significantly less than that. With that said, I figured she would use post-filming interviews and social media to clarify her comments and try to seem less Rob-sessed, but that is not the case. Now Scheana admits that she had Rob on her mind on the same day that she married Mike Shay. Just twist that knife in further, Scheana.

During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Scheana confessed, “Rob was just always the one that got away, that one person that I always wondered ‘What if?’ One of my bridesmaids on the day I got married said something that he popped in my head. I was like, ‘Girl. Why?’ It got in my head for a second, but I was like ‘It never worked out. We tried for four years.'”

There is just so much to unpack there. Why was Rob a topic of conversation when Scheana was about to marry Shay? Why is she mentioning this now when she and Rob aren’t even together? There really isn’t anything redeeming about sharing this anecdote, but I’m so here for it because Scheana’s Rob rants are the gifts that keep on giving.

So how did things get re-started with Scheana and Rob? Scheana shared, “Last summer we had ran into each other at a music festival and it was like ‘Oh, good to see you.’ Whatever. I was still married at the time.” Brittany Cartwright interjected with, “I will say that even she was excited about seeing him. She even told me that she saw him and it was weird.” Again, why reveal this? This is not helping matters when it comes to Scheana’s public persona.

Nevertheless, Scheana continued telling this story and playing up how this run-in was meant to be. Scheana said, “But I was married, so I dismissed it. Like Oh my god. I ran into like the guy. Aerosmith is playing. There’s thousands of people there and we just happen to be standing in the same place at the same time like right when ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’ or one of those sappy songs come on. I’m like ‘Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Pump the breaks. I’m married. Good to see you. Pat on the back. You go to Chainsmokers. I’m going to stay at Aerosmith.'”

Scheana concluded with, “And that was it. A month and a half later we got divorced and I reached out to him a month after that and was like ‘Hey. How’s it going?’ Eleven years later that chemistry and magic feeling was still there. We couldn’t not______” And Lala Kent chimed in with, “have sex”- which they did, something that Scheana confirmed several times this season. Ariana Madix was also present for this interview and I don’t blame her for not saying a word on this subject matter.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]