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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cast Discusses Kenya Moore’s Husband & Porsha Williams’ Love Life

After a whole season of speculation about Kenya Moore’s mysterious husband Marc Daly, the ladies finally got to meet him during the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Marc showed up at the very end of the episode and Sheree Whitfield managed to get in a dig at his nose ring, but then the episode just ended and we didn’t get to hear much from anyone else in the cast. Kenya, Sheree, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, and Kim Zolciak all chimed in Marc’s RHOA debut.

During an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, Sheree shaded the relationship (yet again) when she remarked to Kim, “She had to bring him out at some time. I mean we were like ‘OK, bitch. You’re lying. You don’t have a husband.’ I understand him not showing up to everybody else’s stuff. Well, I really don’t, but he has to be there for you, so you know, she planned that one.”

I guess Sheree isn’t buying Marc’s “surprise” appearance during Kenya’s PSA screening.

Kenya remarked, “All of those girls- well, not all- but a lot of them gave me so much grief about my husband.” That’s putting it mildly. Kenya revealed, “It’s been so difficult for us – in the beginning, being newlyweds and just having all this opposition and negativity. Initially, it seemed like it was really tearing us apart and now, looking back, it has really brought us closer and stronger together.  So I was in the space where we’re good, so if you want to come over here, trust me, I’m ready for you.”

While laughing, Porsha commented, “He looked like his picture.” I guess that was her way of indicating that she really had nothing to hate on him for now that she has met him- at least not yet.

Sheree said, “I feel like he was a nice guy.” Kim asked, “Sheree, what happened?” while she pointed to her nose. Sheree said, “Oh, he has a nose ring.” Sheree shared, “I guess he was on Wall Street or something. I don’t know. He couldn’t get it done when he wanted to get it done. He always wanted to get his nose pierced. I don’t know any guys who ‘always wanted to get their nose pierced.’  So I thought it was interesting.”

Kim responded with, “The whole story doesn’t add up, so whatever. We’ll just see in time. Time will tell in everything.” What doesn’t add up about a nose ring? They’re really fishing to throw some shade here.

In a different segment of the show, an off-camera producer told Porsha, “You went on a date with Ricky Smiley.” Porsha clarified, “It was not a date. We were just good friends going skating together. It just happened to be an empty skating rink and we happened to look cute, but it was not a date.” Obviously. It was just a blatant reach for a story line, but my cynicism aside, they really did have an endearing chemistry.

Porsha continued, “You know, this big, long list that I have of what I want in a man, it really doesn’t matter. I really just want someone that is genuine, who I have chemistry with, who I’m attracted to, and someone who wants to support me and have a family and we’re equally yoked. That’s all I want. I don’t think that’s much to ask for.” It really isn’t.

Jumping back to the Ricky conversation, a producer asked, “Do you think he’s interested? ” Porsha answered, “Is he interested? I mean, I’m sure he’s interested, but he’s a gentleman.”

Some producer was reaching for Kandi Burruss to shade Porsha by asking her about potential love interests. Kandi didn’t fall for that trap and just said, “Who do I think would be Porsha’s ideal man? Ummm.” That non-answer is probably the best answer she could have given. NeNe Leakes gave a little more thought to the question and theorized, “Probably someone single and probably someone a little bit older than she is.”

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