Sheree Whitfield Describes NeNe Leakes’ Rape Comment As “Disgusting”; Isn’t Worried About Tyrone Gilliams Financial Situation When He Comes Out Of Prison

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15053 -- Pictured: Sheree Whitfield -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

One person who is on Kim Zolciak’s side in her feud with NeNe Leakes is Sheree Whitfield. Sheree is clearly on Kim’s side when it comes to roachgate, but she also has other issues with her on-again-off-again friend NeNe. She called out NeNe on Twitter for her her rape comment that she made during a comedy show.

Aside from reprimanding NeNe for her insensitive comment, Sheree is refusing to buy NeNe’s apologies and remorse that she displayed on Real Housewives of Atlanta during last week’s episode.

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, A viewer told Sheree, I saw your tweet calling NeNe’s apology fake and disgusting. Why are you not buying it and how has this affected your relationship with NeNe?”

Sheree admitted, “It has not affected it. NeNe and I do not have a relationship. We’re trying to be cordial, but I just wasn’t buying it. For me, to even utter anything like that out of your mouth when you say you’re a victim of domestic violence is just ridiculous to me. It’s disgusting.” There really is no justification for that sort of comment.

A caller asked Sheree, “Do you still speak with Phaedra [Parks]?” Sheree shared, “I haven’t seen or spoken to Phaedra.” Even if she has, it’s not a good look to advertise keeping in touch with a woman who got kicked off the show after she spread rumors that another cast member wanted to date rape people.

Another caller really went in on Sheree and her prison boo Tyrone Gilliams. The viewer said, “I was watching tonight’s episode and I saw that you got a call from your honey Tyrone and he was telling you all these things that he was going to do for you when he gets out of jail. I was just curious, financially how is he going to be able to do these things? Does he still have money that he’s kept from his embezzling days? Or if he has a job.”

Damn. Is this one of NeNe‘s friends or just a very outspoken fan?

Sheree shared, “He’s definitely OK. So if I’m not worried about it, you probably shouldn’t be either.” Girl, I think we are all a little worried for you and Chateau Sheree. Obviously, it’s none of our business, but it’s still a questionable situation – at best.

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