Kenya Moore

Well, well – Kenya Moores husband is no more Question Marc! We finally saw Marc Daly in the flesh on last night’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but he’s still leaving me with questions about his cardboard affect.

I never suspected Kenya had faked her marriage, but like NeNe Leakes alluded I always assumed Kenya was much more in love with Marc than he is with her. Just based purely on how Kenya describes him and their relationship gives me the willies actually! And seeing Marc, mingling around last night, something seemed … off. It wasn’t just camera jitters or nerves about what the women (and show) may have in store for him, it was an animosity. Dude, you married a woman on a TV show, you knew what you were getting into!

Last night was also the first time we’ve seen Kenya in many episodes. She came back with a purpose to convince people her marriage is real for the premiere of her Domestic Violence PSA. A worthwhile reason if there ever was one because wifely Kenya does not do shenanigans or nonsense. Like fake TV shows about fake weddings. Nor does she have time cause being Mr Daly’s live-in maid is a full-time job requiring all her facilities.

Cynthia Bailey is helping plan the party for Kenya’s premiere. Kenya walks through the door of The Bailey Agency wearing a naughty schoolgirl skirt with over the knee boots (whatever happened to her aversion to coochie crack?). I guess Kenya is having a latent teenage rebellion by blowing off work and running around with the boys?

However, shade aside, I wholly endorse Kenya’s PSA. The footage was so good she had enough for a 30 minute special. Before the premiere Kenya also invites 10 survivors of domestic violence for a makeover, which includes dresses donated by the Housewives. While talking to other survivors Kenya has the startling realization that like many of these women she repeatedly chose the same kind of wrong man. Until Marc… Oh really?

Sheree Whitfield

Someone who also repeatedly chooses the wrong men is Sheree Whitfield. Somehow, She By SheBroke is mysteriously made of money these days so she’s completely remodeling her 5,000 square-foot basement to create the ultimate hangout space. There is a spa, a man cave/game room, a workout studio… and it all looks out into a barrren backyard full of dying grass and the sounds of traffic. Girl… landscape before manscape!

Seriously the only thing that basement doesn’t have, which it badly needs, is a therapist’s office. And how is Sheree getting all this money? Did her seven-figure settlement finally come in?

Of course, Tyrone is loving all this – he will be living the dream once he gets out of prison and moves into Chateau She’s Deranged. While the prison collect call moderator warns him that his time is dwindling Tyrone and Sheree discuss destination wedding plans and the stair climbing machine he will be purchasing for her. I wonder if Kim will be a bridesmaid?

Kaleigh Whitfield

Later,Sheree’s daughter Kaleigh sits Sheree down for a lecture about how there are plenty of fish in the sea, yet Sheree “caught jailbait.” Kaleigh actually learned about Sheree’s boyfriend from the internet when she found photos of her mother canoodling her prison boo. Regardless, Sheree is confident that once her kids meet Tyrone, face to face, they’ll see he’s a good guy. And she can’t wait to blend their families into a modern day Brady Bunch. With parole officers instead of Alice.

It seems Sheree has learned nothing from her travails with Bob.

Sheree and Cynthia both need to play a game called “Are you smarter than your teenaged daughter”? The answer, obviously, would be no. Noelle has decided against pursuing modeling and acting because she wants to be a dentist. Before college she’s taking a break to intern at a dental surgery practice and loving it. Cynthia is shocked that her daughter is like scrubbing into surgery, putting in crowns, and basically acts like this internship is like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy: Teeth. Noelle gently reminds her that she’s mostly watching from afar while wearing scrubs, but it’s made her realize that dedicating her life to improving smiles will have made a major difference in the world. Dentists Without Borders – here comes Noelle. I hope.

That’s actually awesome, and I love seeing children of Real Housewives not becoming models or Brielle or dedicating their lives to twitter wars and nonsense. Sheree and Cynthia may be a few clip-ins short of a full head of hair, but they’ve done something right in the parenting department – or their daughters are using their moms as helpful examples of what NOT to do. Thankfully!

NeNe is not so lucky. Brentt wants to get into the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian – just like his oh-so-successful mom! Presumably because he thinks it will be easier than college? NeNe is not supportive of this and preaches him the words of advice from Diddy the Guru about never stopping.

Porsha Williams & Rickey Smiley

While Kenya is doing good for the women of the world, Porsha Williams is getting her butt revived on WayBack date to the skating rink with Rickey Smiley. Allkindsa work place conduct violations happening here! First of all, Rickey is Porsha’s boss, right? Second of all, Porsha falls down and he starts giving her butt CPR. Third of all, he straight up propositions her to come back to his apartment for a little more intense reviving of her personal parts. Also Rickey asks for an update on when she plans to have babies. Unsurprisingly Porsha appears to believe this is all completely normal and relishes in Rickey’s attention. #CallOSHA

I actually think Porsha and Rickey have great chemistry and seem like a super adorable couple. Porsha pretends she’s just too busy with all her career obligations (flinging her hair around, fleeing trips, and winning Tony awards as a spurned girlfriend) to date though. Hmmmm… methinks if Rickey proposed she would be at that altar faster than Kenya Moore was!

Kandi Burruss

It seems Kandi Burruss will never learn not to mix friendship with business. After kicking NeNe off the Xscape Tour over the rape joke, Kandi feels bad and worries this will jeopardize the friendship she finally has with NeNe. I don’t know why Kandi is sweating what NeNe thinks of her, but Kandi and Todd do a massive damage control scene where they brush off NeNe’s comments as “just a joke” at a comedy show and lament how disappointed they are that the management and other group members voted against Kandi to remove NeNe from the tour. Way to throw your group members under the bus Kandi.

Fear not, though, because according to NeNe things are fine between her and Kandi. Because NeNe knows she finally has Kandi firmly in her back pocket!

Kenya's Domestic Violence PSA

The women all come together for Kenya’s PSA premiere. In response to everyone’s inquiries about whether or not Marc will be joining his wife for her big night Kenya claims Marc can’t travel without her. Apparently as soon as she became his personal assistant wife he became incapable of doing anything for himself – especially logging into Travelocity. Porsha, who suddenly has some feminism in her, gags and rolls her eyes. Of course, just as Kenya is introducing the PSA, Marc walks through the door, hovers awkwardly by the door, and then slowly makes his way over to Kenya with a weird look in his eye. Something about this guy does not seem right… like he was visibly disgusted that he was there and he barely cracked a smile.

Marc Daly finally appears on RHOA

Cynthia didn’t appear to notice as she launched herself on him and hugged Marc over and over, welcoming him to the family. Because those who can’t pick good men always immediately identify the bad men their friends date, Sheree mistrusts Marc and she thinks there is something weird about his wannabe Tupac nose ring. Sheree shades him by asking where he got it done because she’s also thinking of installing a piercing studio in the basement of the Chateau.

NeNe also notices that something is amiss with the Mr. and Mrs Daly’s dynamics. Like Kenya is gaga for Marc, but Marc is uhhhh… gagging? NeNe watches from afar as she half-listens to Porsha ramble about learning from your mistakes and taking accountability. At first, NeNe believes Porsha has absorbed the advice NeNe gave her in Barcelona, but then she realizes that Porsha is actually giving NENE that same advice. Well, what comes around goes around, right?! (also NeNe needs to take her own advice, and Porsha’s too).

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